Can't believe I posted this only 12 days ago

Am a realist.
I posted this some 12 days ago:
It seems like Eons ago, but my prediction has come to pass.
Anyway to akina @Uwesmakei who was complaining the other day that I am a fear monger, please note that apart from selling electronics, i have a Masters Degree in Psychiatry and Advanced Sociology. (ION, I can read your mind )
Such intellectuals rarely sugarcoat the reality. They tell you as it is. The way you don’t wonna comprehend.
My thoughts: Coronavirus is here to stay. We will have to learn to live with it, and fast. The only options we have is, one, to find a cure and two, to find a vaccine.
It’s probably our Third World War, but am sure we shall overcome. Majority of us will.
However, our way of live has been changed.

You did not predict anything in that thread.

There is a third option. Let everybody who is going to get it, just get it and resume normal activities.

Liwe liwalo.


The only protection I have is God. Fcuk sanitizers and masks

I see you need some counselling son.
You are in stage one of grief; denial and anger.

Hehehe… in greek tunasemanga mungu anasaidianga mtu amejisaidia. Keep the mask and santizer on you always.

Most case’s are concentrated in new York. …it was bound to happen new york is basically the travel hub to the rest of america…

:D:D:D let me show you one thing the work of a sanitizer is to protect your face from your hands. The mask is to protect you infecting others after infection with covid 19

I am fully aware of the purpose of both items…

Most people don’t realize after washing your hands. You close the infected tap which no one sanitizes it because majority of people open the tap with infected hands

No. The mask is also to protect yourself from getting infected in crowded places.

The reason they said the mask should be worn to avoid infecting others with covid19 is to avoid mask shortage for health workers.

Go to China, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea and you’re not allowed to walk outside during a lockdown without a mask whether you have covid-19 or not.

This pandemic will be gone as fast as it emerged. The only difference between today and its previous variants is the rate of information transmission.

Wacha nitoe umeffi kwa kichwa yako. Covid 19 is not airborne that means a mask will prevent infected person from coughing infected saliva towards an uninfected person.
:D:D did you know that an uncovered infected person will cough on your mask and leave infected saliva. When you remove the mask and touch the saliva. You will infect yourself when you wear the mask again by touching your face

Please go back and research. Wearing face mask reduces the probability of getting infected by at least 50 percent.

If that infected person coughs and saliva droplets are dispersed, the face mask could be the only thing stopping you from inhaling those droplets.

The first thing that you should after removing the face mask is to wash your hands.

Also, a medical mask is removed from behind the ears to avoid touching your face and it shouldn’t be recycled.

Why then are all doctors are nurses dealing with Covid-19 patients obligated to wear face masks? So they can avoid infecting patients?

Doctors wear the mask to prevent saliva from reaching they face. But a doctor also has an apron, hair cover, and shoes that add additional cover. After removing the protection the sanitize everything from their hair, Hands, face, body to feet.
:D:D:DMost Kenyans remove the mask then sanitize their hands only. Forgetting that when someone coughs the probability of having infected saliva on your hair, clothes, and shoes are high and you will end up touching the clothes, shoes and hair then touch your face

My advice is to social distancing and don’t touch your face. More importantly stay at home and God will protect you

Call it prediction sawa tutakubali… but no one in the entire world can read akili ya another human!!? That is not possible…

It’s not much about mind reading exactly, but you can predict the actions of serial dimwitted fellas.

That i agree with kabisa after all its a just a prediction like kusema ohh flani ame enda london and ataenda na airplane :airplane: then afike after 8hrs… yea that’s a prediction with odd za 1:100 as in the plane lazima aende naye kufika ndo you can’t be 100%. So izo ndo we call predictions ata mimi i can predict na ndo nakuanga mjinga and get it right