Cannabis use Increasing in Nairobi

@culture to begin with hakuna mtu amesema uko invoved! But it seems the cannabis industry in Kenya is growing. You get into clubs naskia Shisha sio Shisha. Kwani what’s so good about this drug, its been demonized, i remember my folks tukikua wadogo the bad boys in the hood were bad because of Weed. I took weed about 5 times in Campus…pretty okay. Last year at the Christmas Office Party, people shared a joint, ata sikuamini, and our Marketing crew yote naskia they have breaks kwa roof to puff this thing. Anyway, hii kitu hua naona inamea ovy ovyo huko Bunyore Ocha…Kwani how good is this thing, naambiwa the Weed oil is the new thing in town. Unaweka kijiko moja na kuingia tribecca. I have my doubts about this thing, i know a bunch of serious people on it na naona wako tu poa…so whats the fuss about this thing. Mimi ni mtu napenda illicit chemicals hio Oil naweza piga tot ngapi ndio nianguke?

skuizi watu wanaivuta hadharani kama sigara

only issue is strains … huku kuna bush weed most…high gradeshash as in lugha ya mta is the best no hangi plus ukipata strain zingine huwa inasaidia na craetivity…but weed oil si ya kunywa per say but kumake edibles sana sana plus weed oil is such a general term kuna budder etc iow
Bhangi iwe huru…hutajipata ka huu mse ukila pavement juu ya fombe

taking my joint kabla nianzee kazi za siku Blessed day wana kiyiyi

Im my experience medical professionals wanapenda sana. My neighbors who were doctors used to import some which come packed like sausages. And could not survive without.
Personally hunifanya niskie kulala, i keep off

you smoking indica …sativa strains done make you sleepy…niigas read about booze but blaze zii

listen to this Adam ruins everything episode on How Marijuana was made illegal in USA

and now listen to this Freekonomics episode on which is way more dangerous, weed or alcohol

Seems i need to encounter hii uplifting

dealer and pricing ndo issues…some hike prices for no fucking reason…

Weed is not bad, I smoke once in a while while listening to classical opera music… Very relaxing

weed iko sawa. hutawai skia car accident coz of the herb.
Governments and big pharmas have their own reasons of banning and castigating its use.

Smoked on and off from my college years, when i hit 30 … My body rejected the high… It just doesnt take me to that good place no more. So i stopped.

Nakumatt closed… Rizz tapata wapi?

Take one doze in the evening everyday for the last of canabi oil everyday for the last 12 yrs. Nothing wrong with it…

bhangi sio mbaya my fren.taking my lunch time dose with niceness:)

hio oil tapata wapi? rizz shida, smell, shida oil inakaa kua kufit description

Ukipata link, please share… want to try out with an epileptic friend of mine… i think it could help him and solve my height issues kama pilot ako juu ya tot

organise that oil for a villager, i hear it also has healing properties arthritis pain, cancer pain etc tuma hio number niitishe

The excuse used nowadays to keep marijuana illegal is that it’s associated with violence. What they are not telling the masses is weed itself doesn’t cause one to be violent, it’s the handling and distribution of it that’s creating turf wars and such. Just like Prohibition in the 1920s when alcohol was made illegal, rates of violence and crime went up. The mafia flourished. The only solution is to legalize it which the govt is too proud to do. I hear Canada is legalizing marijuana next year. Maybe others will learn and follow.

Huko Trumpistan si ni legal in some states, ama?