Cancer: should we ditch our fridge

The fridge has been “victim” in this debate. Where do they belong? Ziende ama zikae?

Collymore alisema just eat healthy and exercise mengine wachia mungu. Steve jobs was a vegan, cancer got him good, his apple co-founder ate/still eats like a skunk but mungu wake yupo tu. Laboso left at 59, KenOkoth at 41, Jadudi wa BikoZulu at 23.
Live a good life and thank God for the gift of life.

So nisiweke Kenya cane kwa fridge ?


Utaoa lini uwache kupika sembe SAA sita usiku

Laboso was 58-59 yrs old and who is is jadudi and what is bikozulu?

Google is your friend you know?

Google is not my friend.


Google has sent you a friend request

Do you reply these days with a hardened piece of mavi on your mcoosh?

Emmanuel Otieno

Kuom nikudinye hio zoomali haga utulie

He’s a survivor…you can too.

• In May 2017, Lokaale lost his appetite, developed unbearable stomach pain, became weak and rapidly lost weight
• What followed was a long and expensive journey of chemotherapy painfully familiar to many Kenyans with a relative with cancer


The father of two and family breadwinner worked at Milima Tatu Dispensary in Turkana North as a counselor in HIV care and treatment.
Lokaale, who lives in Katilu, Turkana South, got a medical report in 2017 indicating he had been diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. He thought it was the end of his life.
He said his wife texted that he would die in hospital, and if it happens that he survives, he should marry another woman. She subsequently left with the kids.
When Lokaale shared with his siblings and close friends, he learned that people had already misled his wife that “cancer is a death sentence and your husband will not survive, he will die soon”.
“She was told: ‘You are wasting your time and little resources that you have to save a life that cannot be cured. Let him die in hospital, you look for another man who will take care of you and your children’,” Lokaale said.

Man beats stage 3 cancer after wife fled with treatment funds

I will read this slowly. Thanks

Bro, hii debate imenishtua. Kibao yangu kwota inaeza kosa makao pia

Microwaves are worse

Fear not what you have no control over. Instead pursue that which is seemingly in your grasp.

Gaaaaaaay ghassier kwani mnakuwanga na @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii akipika sembe .

Hii story ya Steve jobs mnadanganya nayo hapa sana. Steve Jobs had cancer but instead of undergoing treatment which could have saved him he choose to eat a vegan diet thinking that would cure him of cancer which made his cancer advance to the incurable stage. ni kama yule Youtuber who believed that eating a vegan diet would cure her of her breast cancer, shed died YouTube star who said veganism and praying had cured her of cancer dies of cancer | The Independent | The Independent

Hehehe, make friends then