Cancer drug COULD cure AIDS

Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has been a game changer in the battle against HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. It suppresses the deadly virus to virtually undetectable levels in the blood, so those being treated for HIV can live almost symptom-free for as long as they take the drugs. However, if a patient stops therapy, there are silent reservoirs of HIV — undetected by the immune system — that spring to life and reignite the virus.

The latest avenue of research involves discovering drugs that flush out this silent reservoir, so the virus can be recognized and killed by the immune system. One drug that shows particular promise at unmasking the virus, potentially offering a cure, is a compound called PEP005, which is used to treat precancerous skin lesions

hehehhe Where is makfi from team DFHKM, at the end of the tunnel there is…


That’s good news. Watu hawa comment kwa hii thread wasi ambiwe ni wagonjwa

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Skin lesions…wacha ikae

It seems those who created the virus did not have the cure too.

i live to see the day people will dryfry without a care of ukedi, probably my deek wount be working but still, nangoja tu


Are ya’ll niccas actually more worried of that than STDs? With syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes and other shit outchea, I’d think that the deterrent would be rotting from the inside out or vice versa!!

Priorities and information. Ya’ll don’t have any.

technically speaking, the drug that can flush viruses from hiding can cure ANY viral infections. So all STIs, viruses and probably most animal diseases e.g Ebola will be a thing of the past like polio

uuuuuuuuum ok


His name is enough to tell you the whole story

Did you know that most chics will fear and panic about getting paged rather than infected with the deadly virus?

Very true

The therapy was pioneered years back by a pharmacy lecturer at Technical University( while still Kenya Polytechnic) and has support of National Aids Control Council. Now these wazungus purport it to be their discovery…shindwe.

True. A Dr. Baraza if I’m not wrong. But it may take years before the “cure” is approved. Clinical trials have to be done and the results have to be published.

ION, what happened to the one “discovered” by Prof. Obel?

@Conservative dude Yes Dr. Simiyu Barasa. I guess clinical trials are on-going. Prof Obel’s and Kemron by Dr Davy Koech were a flop.

We have been hearing about these promising HIV drugs for quite a long time now but they never come to fruition, talk of hot air

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