can you hack a fta decoder!

Recently, I’ve found you can hack a FTA box with a video tutorial. I haven’t engaged this tech but it has to be via USB. Or rather upgrage has to be done via USB only using a flash drive. Theory not proven but ask for a .bin file if Yu want to give it a shot. (Telegram only)

Which type of box

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seen guys advertising the firmware for 300-400

Forrowing for @Luther12 who is in kamiti


I hope this is not from Kamiti guys…These guys can sell you anything.

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Alafu uki hack inaleta channels gani? Anza hapo tujue if it’s worth it


I tried those bin upgrade on my neibas decorder and it went…dead.
And i suffered the consequences coz he camped at my place for 3 days ati kuja kuona news before he could get another decorder
So ukituuzia hio bin file make sure umejaribu kwanza na useme ni decorder gani inafanya

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…Don’t attempt it doesn’t work, Angelia hii,


…kwanza that file with an extension of .msi is a windows installer file so the decoder won’t recognize it at all.


Hehehe wajinga ndio waliwao

…Mark you, the guy charges Kshs.350, what if he was able to con about 2000 guys in his telegram channel before guys realized its an exercise in futility?

this things are not working…


How do you hack something that’s free in the First place?
@Luther12 how much will it set me back kuweka hio 6ft of dish na decoder, pale kijiji kwetu, just around town. Priss isikue more than 15k, it’s entertainment from a baby.

Wacha kasheshe kwanza, níwacokire mombasa kana wí area? Akorwa wí area, usual place.

6’ pf dish…8.5k
C-band LNB…2k
Ku-band LNB…2.5k
Cable…30/= per metre
Installation fees…4k

These are approximate figures.

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Nacoka Mombaaza umuthi, tiga mone uria mbeca iguka, I need that set up… Kipii kirenda kuona mavisa

Point of collection. The hack file is .bin that means its compatibility is OK.
2. This hack file is undefined, try it is free and I may intend to sell but sio SAA hii

Encoding and decoding of digital signal is done inside a dvb box.

I tend to think all encryptions on various locked channel would be decrypted.

Hii ni Hekaya, even the best box in the world Dreambox haiwes fanya hivo, Dreambox has regular updates every week FYI

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Only specific box can be hacked and upgrade firmware for education purpose only.I would suggest internet box if u have a stable net which usually 1 year period and renew or use android box.other wise enjoy what you have