Can you figure out why this relationship was doomed?

Ladies I always tell you, never ever play the role of the man in a relationship. You emasculate him and eventually he will leave your masculine behind for a feminine woman who falls back and let’s him be the man. Anytime you are tempted to play the role of the man in a relationship go check your genitals. If they’re made for giving or for receiving. Ensure that you comply with nature to avoid problems. If you won’t wear a dildo and give it to the man then don’t give anything else. Not advice. Not budgeting help. Not paying for any date. Never help pay for your own dowry and wedding. Never give a man even a sweet. If your genitals are a receptacle. RECEIVE. End homosexuality. Listen and learn. Never pursue or jipendekeza to any man, that’s masculine behavior. Listen and learn.

They don’t want the Man. They want the lifestyle. They wanna be brides not wives. They want weddings not marriage.