Can this be the reason why covid 19 is not killing Africans compared to the West?

Najua mliona hii kitambo but it makes a lot of sense


Kuna mwingine amesema ni malaria countries that have some immunity. Which explains the chloroquine thing.

Tell us something new ma’afaka

Gaaadaaamniiittt! Feels like to run fromths bitch ktalk everyday same shit

groundhog day

Isn’t too early to make such a conclusion, what about factor like climate, drugs used to treat disases prevalent in this areas etc. Let us wait and see

No one knows anything about corona this academics should stop misleading us

Let’s talk about this 2 month later… Africa simply had a late start, but the number of cases has been growing as exponentially as everywhere else.

We will be able to make that judgement once we see a flattened curve, not what we are seeing now in Kenya… check our exponential curve on this page

I haven’t read the article but in research one of the common sayings is that correlations does not imply causation

Why are you being a fucktard weren’t you running your mouth that two weeks is sufficient?

Haina hata date

Kuna mbwa zinataka tukufe,sijui kwa nini