Can Sms/WhatsApp msgs be recovered from a dead phone?

I know talkers are a diverse lot and we are all in different fields. From a recent post by @Kingolode,is it possible to recover WhatsApp and text messages from a recently dead dead phone?

Depends on your back up schedule.

Thanks, but you miss the river by a mile.

What do you mean by dead? If it’s dead it’s dead. Bricked.
If the phone can enter recovery mode (TWRP or CWM) and it’s rooted the only way I can think of is using adb to copy the files you need (telephony.db or smsmms.db or whatever they are called ) to somewhere you have read write permission then use adb pull to copy to pc or push to another device.

Am not thinking along those lines, there was a story a few years back of a man, I think of Asian origin who had lost photos of his late wife from a computer after a fire. Kenya Data Handlers recovered the data from the burnt hard disk. I know all about KDH, but am looking for a cheaper option.

Yes, what type of phone you have and how much are you willing to spend??

Ok got it. Sorry I’m not familiar with any walk in service.

Yes its possible. Computer forensic wizards do this in serious cases.

it doesn’t sound practical actually.its like considering a deceased to testify against u in court

That’s why it’s not done by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

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This is the reason why I don’t use WhatsApp, All your messages are stored up in a backup server, and the information is sold to third parties who use it to tailor ads in some of the sites you browse. Facebook also sync your Whatsapp with your Facebook profile but they won’t admit it in public.

The last time I was there, 2014, You could recover messages depending on you backup schedule on the settings page.

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do a regular backup za chats zako…

ama tumia telegram… chats zina kua backed up kwa servers zao

there is a time a uninstalled whatsapp (got fed up with it) then I installed it mara tu I saw a message tellng me I have old messages and whether I need to recover them. nikaclick yes manze nililetewa messagehadi zile nilikua nimedelete. bundles ziliisha hata before recovery was over coz hata videos za akina DJ Nakumatt Dj Mofaya

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