Can one make a fortune from FOREX trading (prop firms)

Has anyone here succeeded ama ni mchezo ya pata potea kama lotto

People make lots of money from it. However, it’s more scientific. You have to read and understand things.

You need a lot of money to make good money ,kama Hauna anything less than 20 million just be a slum Lord

How much profits can one make from 20 million…just wondering

Put that money somewhere else


Better you invest in treasury bonds, real estate, land or foreign currency

I’ve seen lot’s of losers , claiming to be in forex and stock trading, but after close observation, most are in it due to inflated ego and are too proud to get employed.

couldn’t agree more… kijana achape kazi

Some do make good money. The brokers specifically but the rest of the hoi polloi are just taken in circles

Elimisha kiasi hapa kwa foreign currencies

Depending on skills, hedging level’s huwezi kosa 0.5 million shillings per month

I know some guys who trade for banks only. Yaani, wanatradia banks and they make for the banks kedo 3% daily.

hiyo ni hustle ya wanigeria, Fanya jaba trade utaomoka mbaya.

Nipatie connection

I have been trading for a couple of years but ni ile ya kujibamba tu.
I use moving averages to trade. Try this out and see if it helps. And remember never ever trade more than 0.01. On any given day I make BTW USD 5 and 10. Which is okay by me.
Use the 10 moving average(MA) and choose red color the Method should be smoothed and apply to close.
Use 20 MA and choose blue color. Input as above (in fact input all the same I.e method should be smoothed and apply to close).
Input 50MA and choose green color
Next input 100 MA and choose purple
Lastly input 200 MA and choose orange.
Now take time to study and learning how this MA interact in the different time frames and observe keenly what happens when they cross over especially on the 15min and 30 min time frames.
If you can muster the movements you are good to go. But it will take time and patience. Personaly it took me 3yrs.
And never trade on the 1 min chart utalilia sijui wapi ukilambwa pesa yako yote.


Doesn’t this mean you spend the whole day looking at charts… eeh!

Nope with time you will get the logic behind it hence you will not have to spend the whole day.
Its important to remember never to trade when the market is retracing. Trade only when there is a breakout. And concentrate on only one currency.
I only trade jpy USD so I update myself
Daily on any news about the currency pair coz at the end of the day all that matters is how much you have made.
And another thing which is crucial the best time to trade is from 4pm. Just observe how the market changes momentum from kitu 4:30 pm.
And always start trading on a demo account before putting in your hard earned money. It saves a lot of tears and endless prayers.

And forget about the talk of having lots of cash to trade. If you are keen and patient and you only trade 0.01 at a time 20usd is sufficient to start you off. What demoralizes most people is hanging on to loosing trades. If you are wrong get out. As a rule I never hold on to a trade that’s more than 5usd in the red. I simply get out and look for another opening.
And take trading as a hobby. Not as an occupation. Trade when you are relaxed and sober. Kama jioni hivi SAA zile umetokea works. Itafika time trading itakuwa kama kufill crossword ama sudoku.

Have u gained or lost more since u started