Can I post this one here?

Android TV owners, android box owners, see whether this is of use to you. It is meant for Mi box users but it is practically applicable to Android TV in general.

Just buy an i5 laptop na enjoy everything an Android box can do. Thank me later

How much is it going for?

If one already has an android TV/TV box, why should they buy a laptop when all they need to do is simply to download those necessary apps and they’re good to go? Perhaps the laptop is for those who don’t have a smart TV or their smart TV isn’t android os.

If download BlueStacks app on Windows your laptop becomes an Android box

A laptop and a TV are far too different and each are unique in their own way

Price wise how does a laptop compare to an android Box…

Laptops range from $250 upwards
Android boxes from $40 - $250

My Point exactly… Unless:
[li]You have a spare laptop, it doesn’t make Economic sense for you to buy one instead of an android Box…[/li][li]You have a laptop, which you are the only one who uses it. Then u can use it both as a Laptop and Streaming (just like an android Box)[/li][/ol]