Can books and movies make people murderers

This people who say books and movies made them commit murder make me wonder what they would do if they were crime junkies like so many people in the world.

I am in so many true crime communities where we only discuss crime, murder and missing people. One is for people obsessed with ID Channel it’s called ID Superfans. We did a register and there were 30 people from Kenya, mostly women.

There’s a difference between true crime and the violent and horror gore in movies and books mentioned. True crime is mostly post mortem, it’s mostly analytical in nature, the antecedents and the patterns. Truth be told I can’t watch horror movies or even violent movies. I, however can binge on true crime shows and podcasts unabashedly. My favorite serial killer whose every documentary, movie, podcasts and even cartoons I have been through is Jeffrey Dahmer who killed 17 boys and men.

Jeffrey Dahmer is a favorite of many in the true crime community. The most popular true crime youtuber Bailey Serian got 5 million views on her video on Jeffrey Dahmer. It’s 8.7 million views now, it was 5 million when I watched it. The highest number of views in the history of youtube true crime channels. It appears that great minds think alike.

So why do I love Dahmer? I love him because he doesn’t look like a serial killer. He looks very sober and gentle even. He seems very harmless. Even when he is explaining himself he seems very genuine and sincere. I guess he makes me believe that serial killers are under the control of something beyond themselves. Like demonic possession. The most prolific serial killer one of the few black serial killers, Samuel Little who killed almost 100 women said from age 6 he had the urge to kill but he starved it off until he was in his late 30s, very uncharacteristic of a serial killer.

Something else is that serial killers are extremely intelligent. It takes some smarts to get away with murder after murder. Some are charismatic like Ted Bundy who even charmed the judge who heard his case. It’s fascinating listening to their thought process, their methodology and just how meticulous serial killers can be. Samuel Little could draw all the 90 something women he murdered. His memory was photographic in his 70s he could have been a neuro surgeon with such a mind.

Would all the murders I have heard of inspire me to murder someone? I believe for a human being to kill they are no longer in control. It takes an evil spirit that isn’t natural to kill. Majority if not all serial killers had highly damaging childhood that made them susceptible to evil spirits. A person who is whole can not kill. Even soldiers say that something in them dies the first time they kill.

What fascinates me is how they can differentiate who to kill or not to kill. Why didn’t this guy kill his gf after she refused to drink alcohol and smoke bhangi like he wanted. How come Ted Bundy never harmed his 12 yo step daughter but he raped and killed another 12 yr old girl. These demons sure are selective.