I know most of you have the mentality that “when I finish campus after 3months I’ll get a job, after one year I’ll buy a v8, after 2years I’ll get a mansion pale ridgeways, I’ll enjoy life for 3years then I will marry after 5years”. Haha. Now listen to me…unless you emanate from the dynasty background, unless you already have upfront tenders from county waiting to supply air, unless you have access to people in “high” position, life might be so ruthless, frustrating and will move from one office to another with your papers and the cliche "we will contact you " will be the routine of the day.However you should soldier on gallantly and never be afraid to try something new Cz anyway you never know where your luck lies.But if you faint hearted you will end up being a senile begger like @FieldMarshal CouchP.Ni hayo tu kwa Sasa.naelekea Wilson.

matumbo stew imeiva?
begger ni nini?

Matumbo iko

Sisi hapa tunajua hiyo yote.
Take this advice to your campus WhatsApp and Facebook forums.

Eti matumbo stew imeiva! On my way. One,two, three. Mbiooooooo

Begger ni @FieldMarshal CouchP Kwani hukuona the ‘kama’ meaning ‘like’

Blah blah didn’t bother to read but anyway safisheni macho wadau

Its my two cents advice to everyone generally

Ebu mshow

Mimi niko campo and i have 40 employees apana tambua kuandikwa degree niya wazazi… BYOB

Must be one bedrooms… The houses i mean…

Si beggar Le Scumbag???

Boss,si i thought u sold this jalopy and bought a swanking X1…ama ilikuwa PR tu? Hizo rims swafi sana lakini

Sitaki kukumiza roho by posting both of them side by side so I won’t.Sikupata a proper offer for the 320i and since I wasn’t selling out of desperation I kept it.

Hehehe sawa sawa tajiri…tumekubali

Mimi nataka hizo rims pekee…whats the PCD or bold pattern? I hope ni 5 X 100

actually life hits hard for the campus guys wenye hawajazoea kazi na hawana connections.
yall have to learn first.

But the problem with graduates ni vile they rush things. Wakona ile mentality ya.entitlement. Actually only 30% have the humility to also persist and be patient., hao wengine 70% jobless are wallowing, blaming, betting, selling weed, looking at the wrong places and joining alshabaabs.

Sad thing The experienced old wazees just watch because they tried to help too early to one guy who turned a deaf ear so they assumed all graduates are same.
God have mercy on the generation to come

Heavy sentiments indeed

NV huwa unaunda stew ya nini? Alafu kama hukakaribishwa vizuri…

I might or might not be. But I have never asked to put up a paybill number here. Or have I?