Cambridge Uni's Best Mcoondu

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Cambridge University’s ‘BEST BUM’ winner says accolade is a bigger achievement than getting college place

The curvy champion of the cheeky challenge, named only as ‘Vita’, says it was a victory for ‘body acceptance’

The winner of Cambridge University 's ‘Best Bum’ competition has said she is more proud of her victory than she was of winning her college place.

The law undergraduate, named only as ‘Vita’, today called it a victory for “body acceptance”.

She was crowned the winner of the annual competition run by The Tab student newspaper after a picture of her naked and leaning against an oak tree at Homerton College scooped 24.32% of the votes

Vita said: "I don’t have the most athletic figure and I have quite a considerable bottom and thighs.

Cambridge University’s ‘BEST BUMS’ competition is back as students are urged to submit photos of their “delectable derrières”
"It says a lot about how far the world has come in body acceptance.

"I have worked hard to accept my body. I wanted to prove that to myself by doing something I wouldn’t usually do.

"I didn’t even expect the photo would be in the Top 10 - let alone be the winner.

"I’ve never been so proud of something like that. I’m probably more proud of that than getting university placement.

Vita, who is studying at Gonville and Caius, told the Cambridge News she only decided to enter the competition when her friend - a professional photographer - asked her the night before.

She said: "During the shoot, it was so cold and my feet were wet. You can’t notice in the photo but the photos were taken near a football pitch during a football match.

"I don’t think they saw us - we would have noticed if they had noticed us.

She added: "When I told my mum, I was really worried because she’s quite conservative but she thought it was hilarious.

“She even showed the photo to my old teachers and they thought it was hilarious too.”
She said: “It says a lot about how far the world has come in body acceptance.”
Stunning inmates at maximum security prison glam up for behind bars beauty pageant

The Tab’s competition called for “every type of tush - all shapes and sizes” to be submitted, adding: "At the end of the day, bums are just bums. We’re not looking for glamour shots, just a lovely, creatively taken photo of your bottom.

“All bums are beautiful and we at The Tab want to celebrate that.”

At least unge-eka picha ya wenye walicompete na yeye.

uncle bingwa banaaaaaaa



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is that you @Some Say


Afadhali the winner. The one standing in front of the court room is mifupa tu.

Huyu ni shadow kwa zile momo culture hutuosha nazo mecho

It takes one to know one

Waaah huyo dame ni kitu.

Now imagine the guys wenye walikuwa wanacheza ball wanasoma hii maneno ati kulikuwa na kisafisha mecho hapoo tuuu fully naked kwa pich and nobody noticed…si wanaumia sana


white chicks with proper booty are my kryptonite,hio ingine ni mifupa tupu

veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery gay post

hii competition si ije Kenyan universties.