Calvin Klein & Victoria Secrets lingerie are now made in Kenya-Hela clothing

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EPZs are a major economic driver for Kenya, with total investments of Sh.74 billion, employing over 50,000 people
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Hela Intimates is taking care of its’ employees with amenities like a 24-hour day care for employees with children, at no extra cost

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Hela Intimates EPZ Ltd. has experienced rapid growth, with sales of Kshs.150 million since opening 6 months ago
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[SIZE=4]Visited Hela Intimates EPZ Ltd. earlier today. Hela employs over 3,000 Kenyans producing inner wear for some of the world’s biggest brands[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]Hela Clothing officially opens first lingerie facility in Kenya[/SIZE][/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=4]NAIROBI, Kenya, 24 Mar – A lingerie factory worth Sh618 million is officially being opened this morning by the Cabinet Secretary of Industry, Trade, and Investment Adan Mohamed at EPZ Athi River. Hela Clothing, a subsidiary of US clothing conglomerate Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, has exported intimate wear worth Sh150 million in the last six months for Calvin Klein, Victoria Secrets and other licensed brands. This is the first ever production facility of global renown intimate wear brands such as Victoria Secrets in Kenya. Separately, Dr Victor Koh from Singapore, an expert in Special Economic Zones will share his knowledge and insights with various stakeholders in Economic Zones. During this engagement, he will also share on the success of Singapore and China, one of the pioneer Special Economic Zones countries.

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I hope they are not paying the factory workers mhindi wages.


This is what investing in large scale infrastructure projects does in terms of jobs created. As the country develops more energy sources and expands roads and other important infrastructure, more companies set up their businesses in the country. Read industrialization which is the source of most jobs created.


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Some of the world’s biggest inner wear brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger & Victoria’s Secrets are being made right here in Kenya

chupiLee wapenda chupi!

Good stuff, I however hope it will not turn out to be the case like in Pakistan and Bangladesh with factory fires, poor working conditions and slave-like wages.

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Wah!! Mkubwa unaumiza manegativos vibaya sana siku hizi.

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I do not see anything in those photos that bears even the remotest similarity to this:


It’s all good, just let us know how much they are paying our people.

Ungependa kuona nini?

I’m sure it didn’t start like this. Good initiative though, manufacturing is a key driver for economies.

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subcontracting tings. Tell me this, am I wrong

so kuality inawea itakuwa 5 bob ?

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