Caldina 2000 model

Hello guys, I have a caldina with a 7A engine that has been running great but starting jerking whenever I was running at low speeds ama after bumps. I changed the fuel pump and the problem went away for sometime but has come back again. I have also changed the lead wires. The jerks come when I engage drive or reverse gear but never in parking. The jerks feel like a miss in the engine lakini they are periodic. Anyone who has had a similar experience with this or an idea on what could be the issue? Thanks in advance.

Check the plugs

Pelekea msee diagnostic gari otherwise you will spend a fortune doing geuss work… kama uko along thika road in can refer you to someone.

Umeangalia ATF?

Plugs ziko sawa I already checked that.

Yeah level ya ATF iko sawa pia. I checked that.

Vile @shocks amesema

OBD diagnosis.

Check throttle body but doing diagnosis is the best option

If you have checked the obvious things then enda kwa komputa

Check engine and transmission mounts

Identify where the jerking is coming from, is the engine or transmission. If it engine it must be spark plugs, you can see the engine jerking when idling, but when you press gas it stops. If the engine is reving ok it can be the transmission

Let me take it for diagnosis then see how it goes. Thanks a lot for the responses.

also confirm if the fuel injectors are all injecting fuel with the required pressure and quantity in the cylinder heads.

Gari inakuanga na maneno mob…usifanye guesswork…inaeza kua anything

Transmission is on its way out

Sounds like mass air flow sensor

Kama ni 7A hakikisha air chamber hazina oil. I once found that was the cause to the jerking or simply the piston rings are worn out.

Ulipata shida ilikua wapi ndugu? Could be faulty ignition coils. But it’s best to just do computer diagnosis

Bado sijaishughulikia juu sina mashughuli mingi lakini nikimalizana nayo lazima nilete report.