Cabinet secretaries plotting to finish Ruto record statements at DCI

4 CABINET Secretaries from Mt Kenya record statements with DCI over claims of holding secret meetings to plot against DP Ruto presidential bid.

Apparently, the 4 CS being mentioned in the media didn’t meet to plot against DP’s presidential bid, but assassination plot.

Audio clip was recorded and leaked to the DCI, that’s what’s being investigated. An assassination plot that leaked too soon.



This is surprising

They have been defeated by politics and have now resorted to assassination

Yes chief, lisemalwo linakuja

Kenyan politics is literally cut throat.

Lets not act as though assassinations are not a common thing in politics worldwide.

diversion tactics

So who sold them out?

NIS recording


fishy story… planted?

Huduma namba

I am behind WSR.


i thought this CS’s ni watu wa Ruto coz nikama they were subotaging Uhuru’s govt to make Ruto look good …I think hii maneno ya assassination ni cheap PR to gain sympathy …

As of now the guy has no equal. Only a bullet, of which the consequences are better imagined than experienced, can stop him.

Nooo way ,that beauty Cicily would hurt noone,

Don’t just throw words around.

Ruto himself is the one who called DCI to accuse them.