C.N.N Can Do Better Than This...

According to CNN Cambodia is in Africa,It’s worrying when they get simple geography wrong,how does one expect them to be objective when reporting news? And in a show hosted by Richard Quest,the best brains and most widely travelled employee of CNN,Quest needs to go on a quest for an Atlas.[ATTACH=full]3036[/ATTACH]


hah blunder ndogo ndogo za hii maneno

its not just cnn. angalia hata nation iko na apology on page two every two days.

Blunder za Nation tunaweza elewa,they employ half baked journalists from Ndururumo School of Journalism,lakini CNN can do better.

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CNN is an overrated network that makes people from other races look bad. I no longer watch it.

There is incompetency in high places…youd be surprised.

it cld b a technical error from the producer of the show(graphics/screen)…even a form two student can confirm that Cambodia ain’t in Africa.

i thought that’s where ‘kambas’ come from-

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Nairobi in Nigeria

Me too.

Now dats very dumb…even a simple Google search will not put nairobi in nigeria

Older people know cambodia because of the publicity it got during its wars. Some young blood might not, and that probably includes the technician editing that stuff at CNN. Am not vouching for CNN. I have watched them for a long time until digital migration was enforced acrossboard. They are very incompetent, and are at best mediocre.

Haha western/foreign media stations are never accurate. At times I have to read an article on the DN a number of times just to understand the story.