Bye to Netflix and Movie Shops

Apart kusafisha mecho, telekram is quite resourceful when it comes to movies and series, you just need to search for the movie you want and a channel with what you looking for pops up. You can even download them, though sometimes they aren’t compatible to your player.

Still trying to learn more tricks about downloading them particularly on my PC, on phone they are okay, but kwa laptop zinasumbua kudownload, anyone with a few tricks?

Torrent msee

Yeah that’s what I’ve been trying to tell people. I watched Better Call Saull over there as well as Family Guy. For movies I go glorious 4k and torrent them.

Ww4 imetokea copy clear? Tumia sisi link

Hahaha, download speed na upload speed za telegram hukua shit, why not torrent? You can do the same with the phone

torrent HD

Use Radarr and Sonarr, thank me later…
No need to look for rinks each and every time…

Ma niglets wako soap2day movie clear na haisumbui. [ATTACH=full]340397[/ATTACH]
Why do you download btw? Who does that these days ka sikujaza server?

Kwani wewe huko kwa soap2day unaziacess aje? Streaming? If that’s the case then some people are not fans of buffering and dropped bandwidth that leads to lesser resolution.

Best thing about netflix and youtube is that it caters to we that have slow internet speeds. Another major plus is when you get home and just want to chill. You just fire up the tv na content iko hapo. Torrenting na streaming in pirated websites unapata broken links, slow speeds na sijui low resolution. Not worth it imo unless untafta 4k content

Netflix is going nowhere.
Sio kila mtu akona time ya kupitia links Telegram akitafuta movies/series za ku-download.

Telegram is good for learning stuff but I still find it easier to just give my movie guy hiyo chwani. It’s just not worth the hussle

Weka link ya group moja iko na worthy things to learn.

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Yaani kulipa 1200 for a monthly subscription that you can watch on multiple devices with multiple accounts is too much for people, yet utapata the same guys drink away double or even triple that amount every weekend. Kenyans are very strange creatures indeed, but spend it how you want to I guess.

Straight from teefee,ilibuffer last week karibu niilenge but haijaleta kusumbua. initially nilikua na project from lappy but after talker flani anichanue,kumekua safi. Saa hii naangalia re run ya spider man na resolution iko sawa[ATTACH=full]340432[/ATTACH]

Haidownload bana…ebu tufunze

Exactly sasa haja gani kwenda ku stream movie at 480p ndio usipate buffering, there is no way u can stream1080p smoothly bila buffering and hizo sites hua zina claim ur streaming at 1080p thats a lie,not unless ur doing netflix who are good at customisation for streaming higher resolution, download a 4k movie and watch it bila wasiwasi kejani

The only solution at this point is to build your own PLEX media server kejani uweke 4k movies na tv shows and you can watch them anywhere u want, niliona @smart idiot anajenga his own server

Exactly the reason I have setup my own home media server that automatically downloads stuff i wanna watch based on specific criteria… I care too much about Audio and Video Quality…