By now we're like the dog and the wolf...

We have been separated for so long (over 400 years) that we are like the dog and the wolf. We share 99.9% DNA but in customs and behavior we’re very different. I hear them saying they would love to come back home to mama Africa but how compatible are we?
Don’t get me wrong, I love my African American brothers and sisters and they can probably teach us a thing or two about the global white supremacy and how to get out of it for they know white people better than any other black people in earth. But how would we survive being around one another when their women don’t see a problem doing this mess? They need the riika system.
Akothee at least does it when she is performing and gets paid for it. This sister though…

Hio milf nakula dry fry

There is something fundamentally wrong with the African. I keep saying.

Singo matha curse.

Acha mama ajibambe


Someone lied to her she looks hot and sexy

We reject that. We can find you hundreds of videos of other races doing stupid shit.

True. Doing stupid is one thing. Staying forever backward is another.