Bwanako akikutupa thank God doors are about to open for you

I would always refer to the story of Joseph. His brothers sold him into slavery. Without them hating him and selling him, he would have never become the viceroy of Egypt. If the king wasn’t killing baby boys during Moses time, he would never have ended up in the palace and in the journey that followed. At times we may hold bitterness against someone but kumbe God is using them to usher you to your destiny.

Single mothers are truly the vile and scum of this god-forsaken earth. They should be burned alive while tied on their beds like what the lengendary @Tom Bayeye did the other day.

This is Virginia now buying land to build her own home. Kama bwana hangemfrustrate hii nyumba ingetoka wapi? The Bible says, He prepares for me a table in the presence of my enemies. Sasa kama huna adui, where will God prepare a table for you? In front of who? Ogopa Mungu.

They have been supported massively but there will come a time when Kenyans will draw a line. So now Virginia wants a house na guest rooms za watu wake wa majuu? si that should come from her TV ministry kitty? besides the last I recall the lawyer saying is that Kamotho will be paying 15k a month for upkeep…what about school fees? and that the kids should be kept off the media…
She has also separated the budgets. Money for food is separate from money for the house/land and the v8 she spoke about.
Wacha nijionee from far.


I cant imagine shelling out 15k per month for rest of my life to somebody…woii ntakufa aki…let me find somewhere soft i faint

:smiley: so cold and brutal remarks

Wamesema nini nimewablock

Who said its for the rest of your life? It’s for the children’s upkeep. Children will be 18 someday. They also must fend for their selves.

Who told u once kids turn 18 they magically become independent?

Coomernina zako msenge. Mimi hapana muuaji

Hehehe legendary jikubali.

Nitaua yeye aje na jina yangu ni tom bayeye? Tafakari hayo

Let the woman prosper. Even if she wants a chopper is it a sin?Or it’s only thieves, murderers, whore mongers and drug dealers who should drive V8s in Kenya? Wacha mum of 12 aomoke. Ukisikia anataka Nunua chopper tag me I contribute, the sky is the limit literally.

I don’t see anybody building you a house, so you are lower than a single mother? Tragic.

BTW what is your problem geylord? Single mothers are bad, na mamako ni singo mother. Wale hawataki wanaume na watoto wao, you also have a problem with them. I think you gat mummy issues and you need to get off grinder long enough to give your butthole a break before the brakes wear off. Uko na machungu sana kijana please take it from me, kuchukia Kuma yenye umetoka is being like Warunge. You hate singo mothers and yet you are here courtesy of one. Wewe na Warunge muko same.

I have no sympathy for women who open legs and carry pregnancy and marry poor men. They certainly deserve whatever fate befalls them. Of course I don’t wish them death like you do bcz I am no Warunge. So I don’t harbor fantasies of killing anyone who reminds me of my mother.

I have no sympathy for any woman who goes out on a limb for a man. Let alone carrying pregnancy for a useless baboon who will rightly be Madd at you the woman for not having the good sense not to propagate his substandard genes.

The partriachy hates every woman who tries to get out from under men’s thumb, unfortunately if you already took a man’s seed then your attempts at being emancipated are an exercise in futility because children need their fathers. You as a single mother will go through hell short of turning tricks to feed and educate them then they start asking you for their father who wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire and suddenly you are now the bad guy standing between them and daddy dearest. It’s just tragic all round.

If you as a woman want to emancipate yourself from the slavery of the patriarchy, have nothing to do with them. Give them NOTHING. Not your body, money, time and most certainly not your uterus and domestic labor. Take it ALL to the grave. It’s called kuenda sare or draw. The patriarchal order in all its might is like a mouse before an unrelenting and ungiving woman. It’s a slap in the face of the patriarchal system to get nothing out of a woman. The powerlessness is thunder.

Your own uterus and your own children can not be the reason for you to be lynched. Just take it off the table and your rugged individualism will be the cryptonite of those who wait to mock you .

Imagine what it is like never to have suffered for a man. No cancer causing p2s for men who despise the very air you breath. No morning sickness. No labor pains. No cracked nipples from breastfeeding, no going through so much labor pain that you become deaf. All for someone who not only will never appreciate it but instead will have contempt for you for extolling such an unworthy creature to such heights.

Kiboko ya wanaume ni moja. GIVE THEM ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You win hands down and you get away unscathed. Women aren’t built for all this shitty drama like men are, we are delicate, we aren’t cut out for it.

Weeh that was not my point at all. Was just wondering aloud about the school fees coz I got confused about her priorities. Still am.

This 15k a month Kamotho is paying is it per child or its for all 12 kids coz that like 1k a month per child. Child court says medical, housing and fees are for the dad. We are not raising funds to pay fees for children whose dad is busy paying fees for 5 children from another man. No. We are raising money for the kids to have a comfortable house equivalent or better than what they were used to in Kamothos place. Guest house ni sawa pia, they can generate income for Mummy Virginia and house her visitors, you are aware that the house she is building is funded by Bishops in the US. So when they come to visit her they need a place to stay, since it is they who helped her build a house for her 12 kids.

Incase you are tempted to think Virginia is not working hard.

Or that her priorities are wrong

Not forgetting her morning and evening shows on Virginia Kamotho TV. Hio ni kazi tuu kama hio yako.

Me I have no problem whatsoever. Wacha mama ya watu aomoke. She deserves it all.

I watched the 1st video a while back. I have just watched the 2nd one and I don’t agree with the young kids being thrust in the spotlight and their school being named and I believe if she does not play her cards wisely Kamotho will come for the kids via the courts, he is still their father. She asked her subscribers to support the building of the school. Hmmmmmm…what is going on here?

No 2…I am after Kamotho being forced to pay up the school fees because 15k for food/upkeep and bills is peanuts for such a big brood. Unless Virginia is making so much money from her work. How did the court arrive at this paltry payment?
I am v happy about the house being built for the kids and it is not just being built by US Kenyans. Kenyans from all over the world are behind the project.

Anayhoooo wacha niwachie hapa before I am labelled jealous of which I am not. Coz why would I be? I just listen to the content they put out there…
Actually let me go back to the clip at the court where Virginia’s lawyer read out the ruling.

They look at the income not assets. So Kamotho may not be having much disposable income. Remember he has been selling his properties and Tabitha also asked people to changia her late son’s hospital bills. Some men take huge loans and buy assets that do not generate income until the disposable income left is miniscule. He also has adopted 5 kids of Tabitha who must also be considered and I bet Tabitha has no income.

Wait one second…Tabitha asked for help? after she ‘invaded’ her friend’s marriage and installed herself? Shetani mshenzi in Uhuru’s accent when he was mad at Gavana Nanok. Now I am mad:mad:. Yes, I heard Kamotho’s mum say he sold his car, another bigger house and shambas. The penny now drops kidogo. Wooi the tide is turning bigtime.
You know I forward some of these clips to my wamamas and they are like where on earth do you get this info from and who are these:D. Nawatuma huko Tuko and metha ya Kagoni. It is a v captivating sad story.
Wacha, I ngonjea mambo ya school fees.