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I fvcking hate kids.

I just realised that. I was pissing my morning away thinking about life and choices and whether it’s possible to survive on bread alone. I think it is. I have a jiggly belly to prove it. Ugh, I gotta assemble my POS cycle.

Anywho, I thought that getting older, because of the desire to leave a legacy and other things --biological instinct, gives one an uncontrollable desire to want a child but no. Not really. Fvck legacies and fvck ki… no that sounds wrong. The point is: if you lift your kid up to make an order at Katch Fries, and it takes too fvcking long, I’ll be the hot head behind you firing off. Bitch, I am not going to set up a tent because your kid can’t say ‘sausage’.

If I ever get the urge to multiply I hope a well-intentioned human punches me in the liver. Jesus didn’t have a kid and he was fine!

[SIZE=3]If you wanna say something insulting please form an orderly queue here --------> so I can dab on all of you at once.[/SIZE]



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what are you saying?

A terrible waste of threshold…is what your dad would say.


Welcome to The Church of all T.Waste Threads. Admission is nothing but an open mind.

You mustn’t use too much muguka. It slows you down…

I approve this message…

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You are just myopic my dear fren. And ignorant too…I bet u are not yet 25 y.o. Add 3+ years and u ll have a different opinion. Nani ako nyuma yangu kwa queue? #terriblywasted

I think everyone is entitled to choose whether to procreate or not.
There’s no need to justify your choice.


True. I use -3 lens… Lucky guess.

Bliss. It’s rainbows and butterflies over here.

Aaaand you lost. The rest of your comment is invalid. Thanks for playing.

I have seven kids both legitimate and illegitimate DNA confirmed. My target is thirty after the 30th one i can die in peace having accomplished my lifes target .

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Sawa Akuku Danger.

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Mwenzako huyu hapa

You will die before siring 10.

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I like, not because I agree with what you say, but because you write well.

Such is life. The people who should procreate don’t, or do so just a little, while those who shouldn’t do it like rabbits.

Unakulaga hizo bhajia za Katch fries??