Buying Urithi land

Is it safe to buy land formerly owned by the collapsed Urithi?. Its a former member of the Coop who is selling. Any experience would be appreciated.

Don’t. I repeat don’t.

If title deed is in his/her name, go ahead. if not, run run run!

If title deed in his/her name but with dispute, run run run!

The title in her name, there is no indication of any dispute/s

Then go ahead, buy and get the title transferred to you asap.

Tafuta shaba kwengine an wachana an hiyo mikora

This is not a green light. She could also place a caveat to ride on Urithi troubles.

Hii Kenya kila mtu ni mwizi…apart from Dp Njagathi.

If the title deed is in her name, go ahead and do a search and if it’s clean, you can purchase it.

Is the title legit?

Do a tile search. Make sure there is no caviet on the title deed. On the sales agreement make sure you include that you wont be affected by previous liens or loans on the title. But if i were you I’d avoid Urithi like plague. I almost fell to their scam thank god i didn’t. Kuna project walikuwa nayo hapo Mangu…gated community 3br bungalow for 3.5M…i thank God i didn’t jump into the deal

This is not exactly Urithi land, but formerly urithi that the buyers were handed over. Am buying from first owner after urithi left. Search done, there is a small loan which I will clear as part of the payment