Buying non working fridges, freezers, microwaves at a throw away price. 0700692078

Leteni hizo appliances dead ninunue

Kuma mahali umepatra zinakuwa repaired alafu urudi utuuzie kwa jiji? Oneni refurbishers

He’s smart

Hapana aribia talkers biashara as long it’s a willing buyer will seller.

Kuma mahali imeparara?

Buying at a throw-away price? No wonder wewe ni @Deejay

Si afadhali I throw it away

Wanyina, I asked you a question about a mission you tasked me and I don’t recall reading back…the one of medical equipments??. I have been told about a guy who imported many hospital beds from here which are state of the art, waiting for his contact deets. If you are still interested that is…
The one in Trumpistan asked me what you specifically need…hukujibu.

Ambia yeye aliangalilie ivoclar porcelain furnace. But kuna ingine nilipata a new one from Bulgaria. At a cheaper price.

Peleka dandora basi.

Panya amekula elctric cables ya oven yangu. Utanunua pesa ngapi?

Hello…nitumie picha kwa 0700692078 nione then tuongee