Buying a phone

Wadau am thinking of buying a new phone maximum price ni 25k and below…any suggestions???simu inaeza run a few games like Pubg smoothly bila ku overheat and definitely not TECNO phones

Try Huawei range of phones

Infinix. Akina huawei, Samsung and the rest will give you shit phone at that price and screen will break in a few months or weeks kama huna bag iko na pillows ya kubebea. otherwise tafuta tecno ya 1500 iko na querty keyboard na colour screen na bado inakuwanga na games. utosheke.

Sawa godfather tusha kuskia

Xiaomi redmi, Samsung m20 pia inakuja soon ni yao tu kwa sasa.

Huawei Y9 2019 simu legit sana.

ngojea XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 7 …gorilla glass , min notch , 48 mp lens , OTA updates , 4000 battery , 18 k …but inafika huku march !

Same plan here wat about redmi note 6 pro?

Good phone…one of the best cameras in that price range…

I’ll get naona hio redmi 7 will take time I’m looking for a midrange phone hoping redmi 6pro is in the sweet spot

Mi A2 iko sawa

tumesema mara mingi hapa simu ni xiaomi

For that budget forget Samsung and other mainstream OEMs! If you want value for your money go for any of these and thank me later:

Moto g6 (I highly recommend)
Huawei Honor 7x
ZTE Blade V8 Pro

Wewe na nani?

if I wasn’t a Christian


Google Nexus 5X. Not a current device but you’ll thank me later. Adreno GPU snapdragon CPU. All games run smoothly including injustice 2

DONT buy this phone, I repeat dont buy this phone. it uses a troubled soc, the phone will bootloop then to use it you have to use a kernel tweak to switch off the big cores. after that it will completely die

Buy a xiaomi instead

If you think i’m lying Just google Nexus 5X bootloop.

Hata mimi yangu iko kwa kabati

phone ya 2015 unaambia mtu anunue saizi