Buying a phone from Jumia

I have narrowed down the Huawei phone I want. However I don’t want to wait for delivery as I am traveling very soon. I have read reviews that deliveries take longer than those two days they purport. I have tried googling store locations but can’t find them. How do I go about it?

You can order today n get it tomorrow, if you are within Nairobi n it’s environ

Why don’t you just go to a safaricom shop and buy…

Not everyphone ziko Safaricom shop and not everyone wants their high prices

Why not buy it and let be shipped to where you wanna go

Safaricom does not have the one I want, they don’t sell dual sims

Hehehe kwenye naenda najua hata haitapita border, Africans customs are thieves

Kama uko nairobi it will take a max of 2 days. Weka CBD pick up station kama your option.

‘Does Jumia have physical premises where one can walk in and pick up their purchase?’ is the question being asked here.

Or let him inbox @syndicate or @incognitus

I’ve seen a Jumia shop on Kenyatta Avenue and another one near Nation Center but afanye vile Afande amesema hapo juu

and not everyone wants a single sim phone.

Fanya hivi, ingia OLX utafute hio simu. Angalia mwenye anauza kama ako na collection ingine ya simu ndio ujue kama ni duka. Contact mwenye ako na collection kubwa kiasi uende kwa shop yake akuandikie receipt, ETR, na warranty. You’ll find it will be easier, cheaper, more convenient that those Jumia guys.

In fact utapata labda yeye ndo anaiuza huko Jumia with a sizeable markup on price because Jumia have to take their cut.

Watch out!

On these very pages, people have narrated how they bought the ‘cheap’ Jumia phones, only to learn later that the warranty can have only be honoured in Asia.

Smuggled in, after-sales region not correct.

Yes they do

Jumia Shop, Kenyatta Avenue, opposite GPO, next to JKUAT Towers ( formerly ICEAA Building)

Which make are you looking for. Kama uko Thika we can do business

Ingia, 3to 4 hrs delivery or skygarden

I did, why are the price disrepancies in olx so high? I think wengine are selling used phones but pass them off as new or ni conmen as I don’t undertand price difference ya 10k for the same type of phone. However this is a genius idea, thanks.

I ordered mine on Monday 4p.m. at their physical shop,by 10a.m. Tuesday the seller called asking me to pick it,no shipping charges and a few free sodas for a new Jumia account. Payment after delivery.
And the price was EXCELLENT. Xiaomi Ke have local warranties for their products.