Hallo talkers, I am ready/planning to buy a land and I have no experience on land fraud game, can someone please explain to me the steps and the red flags to consider bearing in mind the rampant fraud that has spread in buying land here in Kenya

Get yourself a lawyer first.

What is a land?

Look for a credible outstanding law firm and let them act on your behalf.That fee will probably save you thousands and unnecessary stress.

Where an doctor builds his house …

shamba ama in short a piece of plot

Whatever you do, do not buy any land from OPTIVEN.
They have properties that only ignorant people in the diaspora can be tricked into buying. Who in their right mind would buy a plot of land near the Kenya and Tanzania border for Kshs 750,000???
It’s going to be at least 10 years before that land can be worth Kshs 750,000

For his Auncle…

where do you plan on buying the a land?

Kisumu cirry

It depends on size of the land. You don’t need the services of a lawyer to buy 2acres of land. Go to lands offices and do a search to establish its clean. Know the owners family members and make sure they know your intention. Only give small amounts of cash incentives as you progress at surveying, after land board consent to subdivide, and final payment after land board transfer to you. All the money given must be recorded in minutes form and signed by the owner family members and witnesses. At least, thats what we do in my corner of this shitty country

Brilliant. But someone was conned his money after he went to lands offices only to realize later the fraud seller had a fake ID and title deed

True, that’s why i said you visit the land and meet even the family members and only pay incentives as you progress. In case the seller becomes wiser and sells to another buyer after you have payed substantial amounts, you can go to the land registrar with the agreements and request for a caution for that land which essentially freezes any more transactions for the land

Always use a trusted lawyer. That will ensure you don’t lose your hard earned money.

Tafuta lawyer, wacha mambo mingi. People can fake everything, ata family members. Lawyer (Advocate) will take the risks of you, and you can sue him if he mishandles the transaction. Just ensure he is properly registered.

Always do two searches, 1 at lands ministry and second get a map from the surveyors of Kenya to confirm location and subdivision of the shamba

Umechafua @Purple mecho

The only constructive advice here

Use lawyer.

Soma cap 302 of Kenya land laws and adhere to it while buying the land Kama iko categorized Kama agricultural land