Buying a car on Hire Purchase

Is there such an thing? suppose you had 70% and hope to pay the rest in less than 3 months,How do show rooms and bazaars arrange for financing without involving a bank?

Easy. Local arrangement. Only that they don’t give you the logbook.

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Haina shida I can come back later. my employer is giving me 70K mileage allowance and all I need is a car. Even if I leave it at home bado analipa allowance. some kind of an investment to me

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so which one have you finally settled for

vehicle ama mode of payment?

Not sure of this arrangement but just keep in mind that logbook ndio gari

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Fielder or Premio 2008. I have risen very fast in my position so staki beef zianze mapema especially with the guys who too years to become managers yet am just 27 na tuko position moja…But kipenzi cha roho ni Subaru Forester. Even the Hire purchase thing nafanya tu PR since I have to show some papers to logistics. Otherwise am tempted to pay full amount even after 1 week.

hapo sawa good thinking I also like anonymity

no problem. do they accrue interest like the banks

si unajua wazae vile huanza wakiona kijana na subaru “hawa watoto hawajui tulianza kuendesha gari siku za majeneti”

At the pain of kuingililiwa; Kenya enyewe ni 3rd world country.
Hire Purchase by another name is “Finance”
In developed countries almost everyone who wants a new car whether it be personal or company car goes to a dealership and in every city,town and village there is always a dealership speciallising in a certain make of car,so, utapata a VW shop(dealership),Benz,Nissan etc…
All these dealerships run their own credit services “Banks” and when you want to buy a new or used BMW etc. all you do is go to your local BMW dealer and arrange Finance with them,that is if you are not buying cash or if you have not already arranged the financing by taking out a loan with your own bank.
The Car dealership has its own “bank” behind lending you the car and in most cases you dont even need a deposit if you have “good credit history” and the loan is insured against the car itself.
If you have a bad credit history then the dealership may want you to put a substantial deposit and/or may raise the cost of the loan (Annual Percentage Rate) but if for any reason you default on the agreed payment plan which is normally set at a monthly basis,they just take the car back at its present value and they take you to court for the difference!
That is how any Tom Dick and Harry majuu is able to drive any type of car they want.
As long as you have a good credit history of paying your bills on time, a cleaner or watchman can be driving a brand new Range Rover if they so wished and as long as they keep up with the payments.


Not that it will be a gossip in the office but working with people from some tribes is a pain. You drive a better vehicle than them and the next thing scandals come to you from all corners.


Like ule rafiki ya Wonder (klost), he has a house he built in eastlands lakini he goes to great lengths to hide from co-workers unaona pia how wonder reacted after finding out

Boss, na si hii gari imekusumbua. This I think is the fourth post am seeing you asking about this or that vehicle, mara Sijui Fielder, Mara SBT, mara Sijui port. You know what, if you are doing the same out there among your friends as well, you are the type that gets so much conflicting information that to make a choice becomes hard and finally over exposing your intentions makes you a prime target for conmen.

Sorry i pressed the Enter key by mistake.Read my full statement please.

Najua jamaa flani who used to work for a certain company owned by indians he got fired because he bought a better vehicle than the indian managers.

hehe hujuma

There r many car dealers in Mombasa wenye wanakubali hizo arrangements especially Pakistanis and Arabs n since ni Waislamu wahataki interest cos ni “haram”.


@Theuri wa kigogoine, your dream is valid. Window shop till u buy it.