Buying a car/importing a car

Hey guys, I am still extremely mad at wanderi and the whole klist saga. I had made contacts there that would have offered me some assistance.

But I hope you guys can assist.

Now, I intend on importing a vehicle, but I want to resell it as soon as it lands in the country. That’s the business I intend on starting this year. However, I would like your views on which vehicle performs well in the current market. I know that Toyota does well, and I was thinking of importing a voxy or isis. What do you guys think?

What other models do you think are on demand? With a good profit threshold?

Plus if possible, if you guys can give me the approximate CIF of those models so that I don’t overpay for them.


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I now about that my friend, i want to see if my market survey is correct by the replies I get.

I also want to know if possible how much CIF I should pay or ask for in that kind of a site

toyota- fielder new shape/model 2008+, pia axio/ist/premio as usual zina mafans. na usiogope kubargain kwa hizo sites once you start chatting with an agent/seller. thats one mistake people make- kudhani hizo prices ni fixed.


toyota axio iko moto sana right now.

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Yea I am seriousely thinking about Axio na fielder…ist na Premio ni expensive kidogo, but nikipata bei poa nitaleta.

Another question, there is this toyota harrier/lexus that belonged to a guy who defaulted on a loan 2004 model nauziwa 950K?? how much can i resell it for if i buy it? na kuna market ya hizo ama zina sifa mbaya? kuna wajuaji wengi. you can try posting there as well

Thank you friend


There is an option of viewing the CIF price

itapata mtu but inaweza kaa sana before u get. but you can easily get 1.3+for that ukiwa patient

si posting stuff on wazua ni shida balaa wawawawa!!!

The interface ama the attitude there

The interface

Another way of increasing your mark up is to actually get a vehicle at a favourably low price…u’ll move it faster ikifika since your selling price will be competitive.

Do you import vehicles?

I have a gd pal who has been in it for the past 5 years…sells from a car yard on kiambu rd past the flyover…

How marketable is a toyota belta? Would you please ask him that for me?

Belta has a good reputation for fuel efficiency.i would get one if given a chance.

Yea but it is damn expensive