[ATTACH=full]5196[/ATTACH] for some of our projetcs you can book a house off plan for as los as 70,000ksh per month contact us for more details on this

weka picha real sio 3d designs

And directions pia…for us to come view in person

Alafu uweke mbisha yako pia tujue kama wewe ni hivo unasema ni wewe

Vile umeambiwa haraka haraka ama urudi kwa kichwa kibofu.

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Haha @kichwakibovu mujamaa wa
check out this link for more, and contact us if interested.

From your link, what is the minimum size one can buy the plots in Milimani Kitengela?

hallo Okiya write us an email: [email protected]
and lets discuss

Hehe, ati .wordpress? You are dealing with property worth millions yet you cannot even invest in a proper website