Buy a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment and get a car!

Came across this offer Buy a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment and get a car. For the 3 bedroom you get a BMW 320i and the 2 bedroom you get a Demio. Is this a scam? [ATTACH=full]207276[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]207277[/ATTACH]

:oops: hapo ni ngumu kujua, unless you visit the place uhesabu BMW’s na tuDemio twenye tumeegezwa hapo nje…

When the deal is so good the first thing to do is look for the catch.

They just selling you a house + Car. The cost of the car is pretty much factored on the cost of the house but mwafrika mjinga anadhani he’s getting a free car…

The Company’s CEO Brian Gachari has had numerous scandals.

What @Shapeshifter said. Anything PRC should be taken with a pinch of salt. Actually a whole lot of it.

Aih! Buda, ebu do the breakdown and tell me how that’s possible…unless kuna hidden fees somewhere…

:saitan::saitan::saitan:Hizi jinga za kaundi zikkiiba badala zi invest pesa irudi mashinani zinajenga maflats na hakuna jobs. Saa nakuru imejaa high end hotels and apartments and populations with no enough cash.
Ile boom imekua counties ni juu ya constructions. Apartments na manyumba za county govts zimalizwa kujengwa vijanaa wanarudi mtaani kwa base ya mogokaa.
Contractor akose kulipwa vijana wakauke, NÌGUTEE MANI.

The guys sat down as business men wakaona

Valuation of house +Price of BMW +Profit =Their current selling price.

Juu chini they making good profit.

Sasa, hata ukisema bmw ni 1.7m, nyumba itauzwa 5m? A 3- bedroomed flat? :smiley: na profit margin bado iko ndani? Hapo kubali tu kuna ukora…

I believe The trick is you will be given the car after buying fully the house. Yaani after last cent is paid. Same as mother title stories, till last tenant buys the flat mother title is not divided.
Hehehe hawa ni wajanja sana

Apartments in Kenya are over valued, most of the time unapata they selling at 3 times the fair price but wewe ukiskia jikoni iko na finishing with Chinese oven unatoka mbio kumwaga pesa yako.

Bubble is bursting finally!

for 4.5 mill? nipe kumi in that case.Ama ju ni naks? property value is still viable there and expensive to boot ,so unless its a beat up demio and building materials are sub standard then that offer would make much sense

Very true…took a walk around nakuru recently and one thing I noticed are the numerous new hotels…mostly associated with county employees…hata kanu street, kaloleni na racecourse kuna so many new hotels…same as mlimani and London…wajinga wameiba na wakajenga flats na mahoteli

The price of the car is included and this is nakuru. you think its cheap but same amount of money will get you a house in nairobi, not in prime estate ofcourse.

Use your brain. The cost of that car is included in the price. I assume that you aren’t a teenager so you should know.

People are getting desperate, this bubble is about to burst seriously. Niliwammbia hii upus itakuja kuisha. Kila mtu alikimbia kujeng, alafu nayo gava imejirusha kwa mix na low cost housing. Hakuna demand

is there a law against separating a fool and his money?

The cost of constructing a 3 bedroomed apartment is 2m. You share your roof with the guy above you and the floor with the guy below you. The foundation is shared by all. Then add a profit of 1m and the thing is worth 3m :smiley: