This post is inspired by @methu 's post titled “The lie that is small business.”. I disagree 100%.

Here is the pure, raw, unadulterated truth. Hii Kenya, there are only two viable avenues kukafunga. Connections to government coffers, or business. 99.99% of Kenyans can’t get wealthy from employment because it is an arithmetic impossibility. You would have to be in very senior management of a private company to get rich from employment and such positions are very few. There can only be a few CEOs, CFOs, MDs, etc.

A typical white collar employee makes 100k net per month. 1/4 acre in Runda costs 20M give or take. I don’t need to continue for you to realize that such dreams are an impossibility for regular office guys.

You will need a miracle to join the upper class with that meagre salary. Basic arithmetic that most employed bonobos never do.

Andikwa kazi, pata pesa, but jua biashara is the only route to the leafy suburbs if you don’t have very tall uncles in the right places.

Employment is good because it gives you capital. The downside is that it severely limits your earning potential. On the other hand, business is extremely risky, but the sky is the limit. Choose your path wisely. If you are employed, you might need to switch paths when you have enough capital and actionable intelligence/market research to venture into business.

Some employers give hefty bonus at the end every Financial year,not only to the senior mngt team but also to juniors

If you are receiving hefty bonuses, you are not the regular employee so the post clearly wouldn’t apply to you. No regular employee gets life-changing money inclusive of bonuses and allowances. That’s why they are regular. For example, a bank teller will earn below 100k and get chained with loans that he can’t invest aggressively. 99% will be forced to buy vehicles, land, or a mortgage, which are all low risk with minimum upside if any.

Ubonobo tupu :meffi:

Well you will realize the “hefty bonus” you get at end of every financial year mostly will be equivalent to a one month salary, does that save you from the rat race? I don’t think so

No it is not always equivalent to a one month bonus.You are talking about performance bonus,I am talking of bonus given every time profit is posted.

To be honest same principle applies anywhere in the world. Except te government argument. Making it to upper echeleons of society with a regular job are extremely difficult.