Some people think investing is synonymous with starting a business. While it is true that a huge majority of the wealthy are business owners, the sad truth is that starting a small business on the side is often a risky, stressful and loss making proposition. Unless equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit, skills, viable business idea, practical business plan and financial resources, your nascent venture could end up in the overcrowded graveyard of failed businesses. While one can not make progress without taking some risks, it is important to think through and consider whether you can handle failure in business and the devastation it can cause your family. For many employed people, professionals and already established business people, the most appropriate investment option is passive financial assets and rental property.

starting a business requires dedication, consistency, persistence. you must be ready to bear losses. you must be ready to pay taxes and salaries even when business ain’t good.
in employment there is a guaranteed paycheck, in business you have to look for that money

When venturing into biz, always expect the worst and hope for the best, one has to have a thick skin because a high percentage of business startups fail on the first try or in the first few months.

can pusssy bizness fail

Mimi sio kìumbani, so siwezi jua hio.

And currently there are people coming with new shitty regulations just to hurt the upcoming business owners

Hii ni bot wasee sijui mbona hamjajua

Passive investments all the way. There’s nothing as comforting as a regular bi-weekly or monthly paycheck…