Business Research: What would you prefer?

Good people, help me with my research.
We have all gone to some remote places penye hakuna matatu, or you are in too much hurry to wait for the matatu to fill up, so you opted to take a bike.
If I introduced a UTV like the one below, and I charged you 7o bob instead of the usual 50 bob that the bike charges for the same journey, would you take the UTV or a bike?

you need to sell these things to off-road enthusiasts instead of offering “taxi” services on them. Thats a more viable business idea.

If you can get them at good rates then re-sell them at a reasonable price, you’ll be better off. While you’re at it, get some dirt-bikes and such. I would willingly buy if the prices were reasonable.


i would prefer to walk.
hope it helpa

utv definately, thats even better than a tuktuk but does it chafua the passenger in a dirt road? is it tax exempt kama nduthi

Thanks. That’s a nice perspective.
But I had thought of offering “taxi” services to the very remote areas.

Na hio machine ni 200cc only.

remote areas use motor bikes. The maintenance for a motor bike is much cheaper and feasible than for an off-road vehicle. You cannot compete with their prices and still make enough money to maintain your fleet and make a profit. It just doesn’t make business sense.

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Is it available in RHD?

I guess you are looking for something that would have an edge over a motorcycle but whose costs are less than those of a proper car.For the ATV, I would not be very sure about the applicable taxes. That aside, decent quality ATVs happen to be pretty expensive to purchase and maintain. Again, they are not meant for highway use by design. There are several deviations of the motorcycle that are technically motorcycles, but which offer notable advantages over the common motorcycle.

Three-wheeled motorcycle with a soft top- Very popular in Peru



Motorcycle with a side cab- Very common in the Philippines

[ATTACH=full]10833[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]10834[/ATTACH]

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And where can get one of the ‘matbikes’? I am into this kind of biz,tuktuk anyone?

Chinese suppliers. You can check Alibaba.

Exactly what I had in mind.

Alibaba should have these, and my pastor would approve and recommend them to women.

Following keenly…how much would they retail for approximately…the three -wheeled motorcycle with a soft top…

Have you heard of Mobius?

Funny how Kenyans ctrl+C in real life. Buy one and you will see 500 by next month. Nice idea though.

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Two stroke ama 4?

UTV will go at how much?

And again, how do I vote, “UTV or M/Bike, yes or no”?

If your pastor tells you you should go ngothaless.
You do exactly that?

Would you prefer the UTV to the bike? Yes/No