Business profits investment

From 2020-2022 in gas business , this wat I can show … started with a capital of 800 Bob…

Started building as I posted here n this year navuta some other houses , nawekelea mabati but in future slab itatembea …my estimate is by nxt year niwe landlord …[ATTACH=full]468266[/ATTACH]
Secret to business success is marketing n adv
M working on a new shop to cover all the way along thika superhighway from gatitu Thika all way to highpoint … this will just be like the glovo or uberFoods but in this case gas at yah doorstep …

weka dirisha kubwa

Na uchunge makunguru wa ktalk wasije kukula jasho lako

Umeanika number hapo

umewahi wekea elders downloaded pics last year

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