Business permit

Swali…If i have a holding company and the subsidiaries are in one office,do i need a different business permit for each or just one for the holding company will be ok?

Print mbili ,weka kwa kila kampuni. Kwani uko na pesa mingi aje.

Not me asking for a friend.Andd all of them ziko in the same office/building.

vile @Chiefkiumbwa amesema hapo juu…otherwise utakuwa unawasge pesa bure

Yes, each company is a separate entity!

You need to think in a manner that legally each company is separate entity. It does not matter if they are operating in one and same address or office. For each company you also need to prepare separate balance sheets and pay taxes

Does kanjo know how many companies are in that office?


Then don’t waste money, kanjo wakija unawonesha ni biashara moja, only KRA and the other guys like NSSF need to know otherwise