Business opportunities arising from the Russia invasion of Ukraine

For avoidance of doubt Nyamgondho wuod Ombare fully supports the ukraine government and Ukrainians.

But being the brilliant person I am, i couldn’t help but notice two things

  1. Ukraine and Russia export over 50% of world’s sunflower. And both nations export close to 70% of world’s sunflower oil. With the current invasion, seasonal planting will be affected and sanctions against russia will bite the local farmer. Also Russia is likely to limit export of food items that can be consumed locally. Sunflowers sell at around 30ksh per Kilo in Kenya, with an acre producing 1000kgs of sunflower seeds. Kenya imports sunflower seeds from neighbouring countries to make oil and meet its requirements.

Questions 1: What investment can you make as a Kenyan to save the world from acute shortage of the seed.

Question 2. What is your projected price of sunflower seeds in the next 3 years per kg.

  1. Ukraine and russia supply 25% of the worlds wheat. Wheat is arguably the most important cereal in the world. This cereal was the primary trigger of the arab uprising after the price of bread rose to unimaginable levels. There is no guarantee that the two countries will supply the crop to the rest of the world in the near future.

In addition to lessen the impact of the war, these countries are likely to limit export of cereals in order to feed their respective populations.

Q1. As a talker seated in your bedsitter watching your Aucma TV, what investments will you make to prevent another arab uprising.

Q2. What is your projected price of this commodity in the next three years.


noma sana…

Kuna ingine niliona ina itwa FLAMINGO TV …

At this point you just making these names up.

Who would call a TV like that?

Demand ya wheat Kenya sio shida as long as kuna ugali. Price of beer may go up lakini wakenya bado watanunua. We should be worried about the price of oil though.

Not many Kenyans use sun flower oil…but you have a great point

Hakua anaongelea Kenya as the market. Aliongelea the whole world as your target market.

You’d be amazed ata what you’ll come across ukienda kwa nywele makamas…Vitron, Nobel, Vision Plus, Skyworth, Konka, Synix,Wyinix, Infinix, Sonar, Amtel, Iconix, Itel, Uka, Glaze,CTC,Royal,Von Hotpoint, Eefa…waah haziishi hizi peasant favourites. All Chinese gargabe dumped in vumbistan. Najua kuna talkers wameshika zingine kwa hii list, sina ubaya mimi poleni.

Peasant hunua hizo brand iwe simu, fridge, woofer, blender, etc na anask8a akiwa mbele sana.

That’s a good idea. How much land would you need to grow these sunflower crop?

Will you crush the seed and refine the oil yourself?

This is very doable but would require sufficient knowledge and capital. Egypt and Iran are major importers of safflower oil.

Low IQ bullshit …High IQ geeks tunanukisha kitunguu because displaced Ukrainian and Russian programmers are unable to ship code and assignments on platforms kama akina Upwork na Freelancer.

PatKo niaje

Si I thought ulisema wewe ni mbirionea wa 400 bob for 1000 clicks?

I thought you deal with the big boys, 600 phones, 1000 sim cards , hard cold cash.

Black hat gigs, Hard , Cold, Currency.

Tena mambo ya upwork na freelancer zinaingilia wapi???

Hizo ni janta za hasoras kama @LongerTime na @Old Monk . Small time goons.

Wewe ulisema ati unacheza ligi moja na Chinese mafia goons.

Are there stock options for sunflower futures? That’s where you wanna be. Not in a farm trying to chase seasonal birds from pecking off your produce and also doing your best to explain to KRA why you have been filing nil returns and all of sudden have just exported 5 tonnes of sunflower from a briefcase company.

Gregory Mannarino on YouTube would help you with that.

Thank you.

Ati Tonado, Super General, Shaani. Ukienda downtown kuchukua board ya hizi TV, utapata boards zote zinafanana. Hadi connector ya LCD. Ni brand name mchina yuchange. Na remote RF pia. Otherwise board itafit kwa TV any.

hehehe am just amazed by the thinking that south koreans make better brands than chinesse,… some of you lambistic fellas cant even notice the difference between a korean and chinise and in an event a kenyan brand is brought up they will call it fake…brainwashed margots, i just wish i bought those chinese products myself koz i cant tell a difference with the korean