Would someone please advise on where I can get funding fora business expansion?

Hio sahau,the capitalists would rather give you loans for houses,cars and vekeshen at the snap of a finger but ya kujiendeleza kifedha ni tricky,kwanza kama ni small scale…

What type of business because there’s some businesses where a bank loan doesn’t make sense.

Boss ,wacha kuongea mob kaa haujui mtu amewahi pata business loan.

I know quite alot of Kenyans who got Business loans.

Business loan bank ndio huwa wanakuitia, sio eti wewe uitishe. Wakiona unatengeza pesa mzuri ndio watajifanya marafiki wako

Pia mimi, I wanted a loan for increasing the number of cows I have. The bank wants to sell me a car! So after this rainy season, my now 2 cows will have tooo much silage to eat!

I realized that banks only give Loans to businesses which do not seem to need money.
I.e the flourishing ones.NOT the struggling ones.

So ni ng’ombe watatu?

So unamaanisha huyu hapati ng’o?