business idea

I’ve got a 150k savings,I wish to invest it in any of the following.

buy water pump @15k,water reservoir (tank) @40k,pipes 20k labor until 1st produce of onions @50k,25k is available with a borehole within its perimeters.

purchase a mature dairy cow @80k.hay and labor 40k.projected milk production 20l a day @l 50ksh.

buy shares worth 150k

buy 5 young bulls @15000.kijana WA kulisha 80k in 2 yrs.sell them after two years @50k

saidieni apa majamaa.pia unaeza peana idea za kwako

look for land and buy sell after 3yrs

Toa Shares hapo kabisa…
hiyo ya dairy cow looks viable…go for it


Land ya 150k???unless ni huko interior kabisa(garissa)might take long to appreciate

Land ya 150k iko wapi

challenges Ni gani apo kwa dairy cow.

pesa ya daktari ya ng’ombe…maji safi and clean environs…these cows can b bitches sometimes



good one.what if I plan on increasing shelf life for the milk and it’s products,can you advise on this too

Pasteurization…way too expensive for your budget

Talk to @The_Atheist. He once posted a nice listing regarding dairy farming, including challenges, expectations, marketing and projections.

But if I were you, I would get into the digital migration business. Buy decoders at 2500, get electronic shops upcountry to sell for you at 3500, unawapea 300. No upfront investment by the retailers, na unazituma na matatu.

Simple maths:
10 guys each selling one decoder per day is 7k clean money. Toa miscellaneous ya two k unapocket 5k. Your investment is 30 decoders for 75k. Am ready to guide you on this.

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definitely if I venture in this I will expand the business capital to accommodate such

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Here you aren’t factoring in human greed. You must be too naive or too trusting.

Idea ya onions seems legit but its not that straight needs some trial an error…but it seems like the best to me since youre more in control of the project…animals are quite unpredictable.

Boss, watu upcountry sio kama nairobiens. And again you aren’t giving every Tom dick and harry. Someone won’t close their 500k shop just because you gave them decoders worth 10k.

Too simplistic. How many not-every Tom, Dick and Harry- do you know in rural shopping centres across Kenya?

My friend, am in the business since Nov last yr. I know the ups and downs, and those figures are not as simplistic as you think. People upcountry are much more monied that we Nairobiens. Obviously there are challenges, and that’s why I offered my services in mentoring the fellow.

Believe it or not, I have used this model and moved over 1000 pieces over the period!

farming or any other business venture is profitable but the catch usually is majority of people give the good side they wont give you the challenges, just find out the challenges in the venture you wish to start, find out how to mitigate them and you’re good to go

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unaeza pata an acre laikipia county

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