Business fibre

I recently requested for a quote for internet for my online business and I was slapped, check that, ‘B!tch slapped’ by almost all providers. Safaricom asked me to bend over with my pants around my ankles and the rest were lined up after them behind me. Their quote for 100mbps dedicated was 100k Shy of half a million. The rest were ranging from 120 to 200k.
Telkom was 100k for 50mbps, and the guy had the audacity to even smile.
My question is, who knows how JTL BUSINESS internet is in reliability?
Second, how are we going to drive online business with such quotes?
How on earth do people expect us to relocate online business home if that’s the cost?
Am proper pissed

Hehehe… Utajua kenya si mchezo. Weka quote hapa from the cheapest one you will find.

JTL ndio mama yao. Hawa wengine ni hawkers. Their reliability will be as good as that of the other providers, who rely on JTL for some of their services.

You want to drive a Mercedes on a probox budget. All these providers get their bandwidth from tier one providers like akina Seacom. Kuna threshold hawawezi shuka.
If you want to. Plus getting one MB at 1k a month is a steal.
We used to sell 1mbps at 48K when I was in the business but that was 8 years ago.
For now if you want to pay lower than that, invest in your own submarine cable and connect at Fujairah then have Liquid carry the capacity overland for you. Alternatively you can also lay your own fibre cable from Mombasa to Nairobi.
Your cost for a symmetrical 1 Mb will be around Ksh 150 Bob. See how your online business will thrive.

Dedicated 100mbs? Business haiezi survive na shared internet? Video conferencing nini? Ama ni wewe unataka kuuzia watu?

It all comes down to your negotiating skills and long term investiment nikama waliona wewe sio a serious guy. First thing you should do is don’t go around asking for quotes, first set up a meeting with their marketing/financial team(these should be the big honchos) in a swanky place, and have your lawyer tag along(who should be young and tech savvy) their give them your proposal plus your forecast for the future(yaani waambie sahizi you will be able to take the bandwitdh at lets say 200k for 1Gbps but you may not be using it all and then you will be self managing it and all the equipment will be yours, this will include buying a BGP4 capable router preferably a Cisco and getting AS number from AFRINIC, and as your business picks up which you will be providing your financial papers on the end of the year then you will be increasing your payments to them.), the lawyer here will lend you credibility and show that you are a serious player, this kind of situation will mean that it will be a win win for both sides, I managed to get 1Gbps for literally a song from JTL the guys over there are great and its been 8 Months now and we are all going along well, so far i am using shy of 350 Mbps of the connection and i don’t have to call their technicians everytime their is an hiccup which i should say is very rare, So kwa hizi kampuni kubwa kubwa usipeleke kiherehere yako huko asking every dick and harry for their qoutes kuwa ni wewe unaomba not demanding. As a footnote, get to learn business negotiation skills they will help you alot yaani enda pare sokoni haggle price ya rongi ya shilling elfu moja ifike silling mia 300, hope unanipata.

It seems he wants to be a WISP

Dudes, there is a lot more than WISP in IT.
Wouldn’t touch WISP by a pole

eish 100mpbs kwani you want to become a re seller ama what kinda bizna you doing

what else would he want all that for? kustream judgement day?


Who would I be paying for the bandwidth and connecting to in Mombasa for 150 Bob per mb?


Wah boss io process yote inacost how much.cost ya everything adi lawyer

issa process pale S.Korea Gigabyte ,1000Mb/s is half the standard shot cost of a regular tagged whore. 20 usd

it cost me approximately 2.3 mirrion with most of the funds taken by cisco routers and ubiquiti basestations and nanostations router za ma customer nlinunua the cheapest i could find which were totolinks, hapo kwa lawyer tafuta a friend lawyer who is just starting out and make sure to pay him well.


Apo sawa,nikitafta something around that naeza kutafta face 2 face unisaidie way forward.then nikushkie kikombe ya uji Kwa mama Jemo.apo sawa.

Na unaoffer service zako nairobi bro?

i am always glad to help a fellow, alafu hiyo kikombe ya uji badilisha ikuwe jug ya supu hapo kwa wakanyama

No i don’t offer my services in Nairofi