business during this long election period

people in the business community , how are your businesses fairing on. daily sales ,customer numbers?

Business has been on the decline since last year. Right now people are hanging by the threads. Another few months and people will get laid off in droves. The only people making some money are in the food business.

I am in consultancy. Nothing much has changed from last year

am barely making a third of what i used to make like 5 months ago and this year a few guys have been laid off naona soon i will be doing work that 4 people used to do

Things are down!! Ongoing projects on halt. No money coming in but money going out!!

I think lawyers are the ones making money at the moment

Even the food business is still feeling the pinch especially luxurious food huko mashinani. Remember meat to some is luxury

Things are not rosy…

I used to bank atleast 1M from previous day sales. Right now pesa hakuna. Mind you niko strong hold za TMT.

Things are thick.

Tenders aren’t being paid and other businesses are very slow because of fear. Customers aren’t buying :frowning: thank God I own the shop where I trade, if that wasn’t the case I would have had to close down.

Im of the opinion that many businesses will close shop this year. 6 months in such a toxic environment will kill many small businesses.

Ati ? Jimmy kuja bwana kuna league yako hapa ,sisi wengine tulikosea mola wapi?

Biashara sio yangu,i however ran it the way i’d want it ran ingekua yangu but generally speaking,business was really good for us starting around last year Dec coz many callenders were being printed. The more campaigns zilishika the more stationary i’d sell since kuna posters mingi sana that were being printed. On my side hustles za printing nazo zilikua frequent. I’d print & send the finished products,usually posters & fliers to customers outside nairobi as i go on perfoming duties za ajira yangu. Then there came the elections. All came to a stand still,then worse when results were anounced,we thought things would slowly get back to normal then kukawa na story ya petition… then demonstrations are now an issue in themselves coz customers wakipiga simu to place an order i have to watch the streets first before delivering.

Hi @Theuri wa kigogoine

We dont have volumes…apa budget ni mbaya

We dont have volumes…apa budget ni mbaya

I’ve been hearing printing business being bad this elections because people were doing it in China instead for cheaper. Is that true?

Projects which were set to start in September have been halted[SIZE=16px].
Previous payments still partly paid.

Looking for new business with the current environment is a joke and a waste of money if you are used to wining and dining potential clients.

Frankly speaking its like I am on leave at the moment…unpaid leave at that :mad::mad:

Niaje Theuri. Jana kuna kaswali niliuliza juu ya Summit.

Nasa China?

Jubilee for sure. Kuna jamaa ule socialite wa Nairobi zake niliona zikikuja na crate.