Bushy vagina

How do i tell a woman to shave her vagina…na date huyu juzi i suggested akaanza kukasirika…nywele is very uncomfortable kwanza after kumwaga

Hardmin Ni Sunday

These things are intimate a personal. First get close enough, spiritually.





Too thick to fall for admean theatrics


Samson got shaved nguvu ikaisha !

Very unhygienic. Reke nemwo.

Play her some Gillette ads and leave on repeat on the telly. Be smart in this world.

Why beat around the ‘bush’ ? Tell her point blank.

Kama uwesmake ameshangaa :smiley:

You think god was stupid for puttin them there?

I see what you did there, Kimberly. There are still numerous ways to skin a cat.

kienjagwo mwene oiga.

Na saa io ulilazmishwa umlambez umnyonye :D:D:D:D


bora is clean, hair aint a distraction. she must be a real kienyenji.