Burundi Coup

Kimeumana, Burundi army general says senior officers are “dismissing” President Pierre Nkurunziza, amid unrest over his bid to be re-elected for a third term.

God bless Burundi

Good work General , the idiot was messing Burundi up for pure short-sightedness and greed for power. Let him remain where he’s in Tanzania or seek asylum elsewhere.

hiyo ndiyo Jeshi…kulinda nchi from enemies(hata kama ni seating president)

Discipline must reign.

I’m not surprised. Nkurunziza was coming across as far too selfish and short-sighted.

That Military General guy is brave. If it backfires on him, straight to the noose.

He must have considered the implications beforehand.

Emergency meeting in dar called off, burundi prezo heading back home… some heads will roll

Nkurunziza baffles me. Why can’t he let other guys rule? His selfishness is dragging the country back considering I read somewhere Burundi’s economy is smaller than that of Nairobi county.

First order of business is arrest him upon disembarking the flight. That general must have the backing of atleast 80% of the forces before pulling such a manouvre

Denying his plane landing rights or his motorcade entry into the country would be one way to deal with him. Or allow him in then arrest him.

I now agree with this
This is a speech made by former South African President P.W Botha to his cabinet about 27 years ago.
” We are not obliged even the least to try to prove to anybody and to the blacks that we are superior people. We have demonstrated that to the blacks in 1001 ways. The Republic of South Africa that we know of today has not been created by wishful thinking. We have created it at the expenses of intelligence, sweat and blood……We do not pretend like other whites that we like the blacks.
The fact that, blacks look like human beings and act like human beings do not necessarily make them sensible human beings. Hedgehogs are not porcupines and lizards are not crocodiles because they look alike. If God had wanted us to be equal to the blacks, he would have created us all of a uniform colour and intellect. But he created us differently: Whites, Blacks, Yellow, Rulers and the ruled. Intellectually, we are superior to the Blacks; that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt over the years. I believe that the Afrikaner is honest, God fearing person, who has demonstrated practically the right way of being.
By now every one of us has seen it practically that the Blacks cannot rule themselves. Give them guns and they will kill each other. They are good in nothing else but making noise, dancing, marrying many wives and indulging in sex. Let us all accept that the Blackman is a symbol of poverty, mental inferiority, laziness and emotional incompetence. Isn’t it plausible? Therefore that the Whiteman is created to rule the Blackman……And here is a creature (Blackman) that lacks foresight…… The average Black does not plan his life beyond a year”.

  • So tell me, despite the insult,has the black man been able to prove this man wrong after 27yrs…??

They should let him land and then place him under house arrest. Later on have a trial for trying to circumvent the constitution. If they try to do things above board, then its better politically for the country. Better have him on home soil, then trying to recapture power from huko nje


Burundi is in shit. Though even some Hutus do not like Nkurunziza so hopefully it might not descend into another ethnic conflict.

Such generalizations do not address the issue effectively. So, we should just allow crackers to fuck us over because our governments are inept? Your argument lacks logic.


Father, you disappoint us by printing us fake stories. This was a hoax. This speech was never given:

Noma sana. I hope this will serve as a lesson to other African leaders like M7.

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That is burundian who has changed that entry quickly! :smiley:
apparently he was a bit of a nut. From the same wiki page:

"In March, 2014, Nkurunziza banned jogging, due to “fears it was being used as a cover for subversion.” According to the BBC, “The tradition of Saturday morning runs started during Burundi’s long years of ethnic conflict”, as residents in the city of Bujumbura, where the surrounding hills were home to armed militants before 2005, “would try to vent their fear and frustration and claustrophobia, by running, often in a group.”[6] That same month, twenty-one supporters of the opposition Movement for Solidarity and Democracy (MSD) Party were sentenced to life in prison for using “jogging” as a way to organize “an illegal demonstration that turned violent.”[7]

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