Buru buru shopping centre brothel

Found myself in Buru today morning hours.Decided to check out the brothel on second floor.This time round,there were many tiny ladies’ shoes outside the door.I knocked the door and this bleached semi fat lady opens the door and says karibu.At first i wasnt sure if it was a brothel as posted here,but when i knocked and was told karibu,nilijua baaaaaas nishafika.How do you tell karibu to a stranger in this Nairobi?That only happens in brothels.
I proceed to tell her all i want is to nut,massage staki.She says full package is only 1500 bob,if i want to nut only i will have to pay KSh1000.Nika try ku negotiate telling her covid imeharibu bizz but she refused.The house is a tiny one bedroomed apartment.She led me to the bedroom which was even tinier.There is a wardrobe on the left hand side pushed to the wall and the rest of the room is occupied by a 4 by 6 bed.If you fuck her hard enough someone passing on the corridor can hear the noise coz the bed is just next to the window which faces the communal corridor.
She undressed to reveal a heavily bleached body.She had ugly black stretch marks maze.She applied some oil on mjulus and made an attempt to do a HJ,then when it got hard,she chomoad a CD,put it on and proceeded to give a sloppy BJ.Was getting bored.Asked her to lala missionary and i humped and nutted.She asked if I wanted to shower i said no.She offered a box of wet wipes which were way better.After that she was on call through out convincing another customer to come visit the place.I chomoad the 1k,paid and left.
The place is not worth it.The two girls are bleached semi momos and dont know crap about making a man cum.Hio 1000 bob heri ningepeleka hurlingham.

Know any brothels in donholm/umoja areas?

umeamkia brothel

@Agwambo ni area gani hiyo? Was in Buruburu on Sato sikupata

@Vinnywaf the building next to Jimlizer Hotel as you walk towards Tents.You go up to second floor, first door on your left.First floor of the building hosts a driving school.Hao madem wako na 1000 dick stare.Wanashika mjulus kama wameboeka vi ajab.

:D:D the enigma has spoken…

umesahau ebrufication efidence mkubwa, rudia tena.

Me kwanza dem ananipiga bj na cd is a no no. Ntakupigia 200 ya kupoteza idhaa then nisonge

That’s why I prefer SJ, unaosha mecho kwanza then unachangua mwenye amekubamba. Unakuwanga excited haja mjulus doesn’t need HJ,

Achaneni na malaya majamaa!!

Enigma EGH, wapi thermal image

Jamaa mnasaka malaya kila shimo ghai

@Agwambo for president

The great @Agwambo, he goes to the ground to do reviews so we wouldn’t waste our hard-earned money on lanyes that are not worth it.

So that is a 1 star rating. Sande kiongosi.

Next, you should do a review of those brothels in Hurlingham. Naskia zimeweza lakini ni premium rates.

@Starscream kweni uliwacha kupeana in-depth reviews?

Za hurlingham ni premium rate on day one only.They always seek to have themselves entrenched in your monthly expense plans so they would do anything to make you a frequent visitor as long as utoe kitu.Expenses rarely go beyond 4k per month.Full package ni ya ufala.Go there strictly to nut only.
In 2018 i was the Tuborg brand ambassador at 1824 and Anchor in Langata and i had access to 4 dozens a week as long as I show up with different pals anytime I step there.Ikifika Friday za mid month when guys dont have money I used to carry with me like 24 bottles naenda kulewa nazo hurlingham.Bonga points ziliongezeka mpaka used to be told kama huna kitu just come hatuwezi kosana.

Ata kathermal elder?

HIV status please…


Kaurise nyanyako

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Kaurise nyanyako