Burning the dead. Is it really such a wise idea?

Niuliseko… If they burn your body after you die, what will your excuse be during judgment day? Akina Moses na Elijah will be like “Budaste juu ulichoma mwili unataka tukutolee ingine wapi?”. Alafu saa hio uko kwa squad iko na bodies but wewe umefloat hapo kama spirit.


Juu wale hawakuchomwa watatembea tu kama skeleton

Its all in your mind … afterlife is a mystery but all I know once you are dead the body fades and consolidates into nature, huwezi tolewa kwa petroli tena…
btw, I loooove the meanwhile

It takes about 12 years for a body to completely decompose after the coffin rots away. Anybody who died in 1990 is nothing more than dirt today so it doesn’t matter any whether you’re cremated buried or fed to crocodiles

Wrong, the skeleton can take even 500 years to completely disentegrate. There is nothing such as afterlife, make use of today.

Energy cannot be destroyed… (this is science)

We know living organisms comprises of the body and the spirit(which is the energy)…

:D:Dthis is the dumbest question I’ve seen all day

It can take even fifty years Bro, but all the same, decomposition is just a kind of very slow burning

You don’t need to worry if you will not have a body on judgement day, because it will be to your advantage as there will be nothing to burn in hell

Energy is produced by matter, so if matter disintegrates, energy is transformed.

ata wewe hauamini afterlife

Why are you more concerned with those that are cremated than wale huchomwa na tyre?

When you ressurect, you will have a new body