Burma genocide


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SGIndra Sinniah18 hours ago
Was this video even takeni in Myanmar? Video from Indonesia‼️. Taken during a protest of some kind where nobody was buried alive. No wonder the video was edited because the scene of burying is not there That’s telling a lie‼️

So is it the truth ama just another propaganda?

Really sick

Probably fake. I wonder why anyone would allow cameras and such a huge crowd when doing such illegal shit. The burmese government has done these kind of things though, that’s for sure.


Whether this is the actual video or not the genocide does exist and many other pictures and videos exist.
The sad part is the world has gone silent on it.


You’re right no that. The UN has ignored the plight of the Rohingyas as the massacre continues…so sad…

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I was wondering why everyone has turned a blind eye as this massacre/genocide is going on… i have been flowing this page the kind things those budha terrorists are doing to innocent civilians makes isis look like armatures…

this is stupid

I am sure if Burma had oil the West would have intervened a long time ago.

Shit is happening.

it has

“Burma, officially known as Myanmar, is a developing country and an important natural gas and petroleum producer in Asia. It is home to one of the world’s oldest petroleum industries, with its first crude oil exports dating back to 1853.[1] Today, the country is one of the major natural gas producers in the Asian continent.[2] Decades of isolation, sanctions, a lack of technical capacity, opaque government policies and insufficient investment has impeded the country’s efforts to develop an upstream hydrocarbon sector.”

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French multinational Total has been active in Myanmar since the early 90s. China is also active there. Many western corporations have also been salivating at the prospect of Myanmar’s military rulers easing their grip on business. The military controls all aspects of the economy, so these multinationals see vast untapped potential. I think that’s one of the reasons why it doesn’t get that much attention. For one, it is a softer version of North Korea, so getting out evidence e.g video footage of such atrocities is hard. Plus I’m sure the corporations that are already doing business there lobby hard to sweep things under the rug, because the more these crimes receive the world’s attention, the harder it becomes for them to explain to their people back home why they’re doing business with such people.


Pol Pot was worse.

That one was on another level. And he kept receiving western support even after being overthrown because he was a “good communist”. Because the people that overthrew his regime were supported by the same Vietnamese who had driven the Americans out of Vietnam, he became a friend of the west because he was an enemy of their enemy. They turned a blind eye to all those atrocities he had committed. For a long time after his overthrow, his regime was still internationally recognized as the legitimate government of Cambodia!! Hii dunia ina mambo.



The same West calls Cuban govt evil regime while turning a blind eye to terrorist sponsoring nation Saudia Arabia, where women driving is a crime. To these ppl a regime becomes evil when its leaders refuse to bow down to them.


This guy was a special kind of psycho

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