I thought Lusaka was crazy with carcinogenic wheelbarrows.Wangamati is drunk with power to another level he was inspecting guard of honor for county employees .Seems being drunk with power and huge appetite for looting is a requirement in NASA .RWNBP[ATTACH=full]131625[/ATTACH]

toa before tuliona battalion comes

Lol! Are these Kanjo or office workers? They now have a real headmaster!

Hii hata kama tuliona ni umeff mingi sana.
@Mundu Mulosi @pamba your county is done

Tuliona…but it is still priceless

spot @uwesmake for 69 marks

I don’t know what is happening here but this guy is going to be the best performing Governor.

Kweli Bungoma watu huwa hawasafishi macho ama PA wa Governor ndio wakusafisha macho juu naona handsome ladies

Shoga kweli

Inspecting to make sure no ghost workers ama ? Funny picture but as long as he performs , aji-enjoy .

Si angewanunulia uniforms kwanza angaa…

tuheshimiane na mujishugulishe na county zenyu za umafi .


[ATTACH=full]131644[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]131645[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]131646[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]131647[/ATTACH]

some of these governors are just glorified herds boys. ingekuwa kila boss anakagua gwaride si bob collymore angekuwa na yake nyayo stadium. but heck…let them do what compesates for their erectile disfunctions and other old age crap

Respect old age kijana. It is not equal to stupidity unless one is a bufoon like you know who…Governor Wangamati does not look like a very old fellow to me…

ni vile wengine maaan…they age disrespectfully. 4 employees

Bungoma: The governor made an unannounced visit to Webuye and when leaving he found the guard of honour already mounted outside the office na hangekataa though they were caught without uniform unawares