Bundles disappearing

Wakubwa, hii ni mpya. I have never experienced anything like this. I have used Android for years. Kwa simu, I have enabled data saver,disabled Auto updates, uninstalled all unnecessary apps, disabled System apps via adb and put a firewall on apps. Of late, I have even disabled Google Play protect thinking it was the offender. But it is all in vain. Kuna hii mnyama, see screenshot, that after every 3 hours inaponyoka na 100mb yangu. It is not showing in downloads or Play store. It is also not in Data Usage. By the way, Android OS is now at 5GB usage in 10 days!!! Wakubwa,what the hell is Google play. Inajianzisha yenyewe after every 5 hours.

Edit: I don’t think it is a virus. I don’t have root,auto update is off, I have most apps disabled via ADB, it is an official ROM, Nougat, I have Google Play PROTECT scanning every app, I am not gullible to install a virus, and all my apps are under a data firewall so this is mostly a Google setting gone rogue. Maybe a bug in Android OS kwa maana kwa Android OS, hiyo kitu hunyonya kaa kitu ingine.


Si thats a custom rom? Hapo ndio shida iko…you are being hacked!

Fanya reset tu. Ujitolee once, else pitia Application manager and uninstall anything you are not sure what it is, but not a system app. Especially anything you have installed most recently when this problem came.

You can also install a firewall, e.g NoRoot firewall or NetGuard.

It is not a custom ROM. It is the official ROM. Ilianza hii ujinga wakati nilienda Nougat from Marshmallow. And it is not a virus since I don’t have root and Google play protect is enabled. The data usage is also increasing under Android OS which is totally normal unless their is a bug because it is a new ROM.
@mosez nime-disable hadi system apps via ADB so it is not a case of rogue system apps or even an unwanted app. It is just a rogue android setting. Kwanza ya Google.

hiyo si custom rom

hapa root tu ndio itasaidia ama utumie zile firewall ya DNS

tumia no root firewall

mtanifunza izi vitu bana

Gonganisha hiyo simu chini itawacha kukusumbua. Meffi

Ofcourse it is a theme
But nimepata explanation kutoka pale XDA. Hawa wajinga walichukua hidden services za Google Play Services wakapeleka under Android OS so inakula live instead ya the normal way which is background

Who did that and how is that possible. And who has deleted my comment

Which comment? repost basi!

Na hakupata KenyaTalk - Error, he he

They changed some Android OS services to Google Play Services (the Android developers) and thus some are visible in my phone. Kama venye unajua ukienda kwa Settings-Data Usage- Android OS or Play Services, you will see Android OS has consumed your data like hell. Some services on my phone, inadema nikiona pap. Change ili-happen kwa Nougat


Hio OS yako iko chida zima updates on mobile data[ATTACH=full]132725[/ATTACH]

your comment contained your pic, ama nirudishe kila mtu aone Snapdragon ni nani?

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@Deorro @snapdragon You mean simu zangu ndiyo pekee Android OS hukula bundles kaa kitu ingine. Hii ni since 5th October na ni Saf 1 na 2. Ngoja nieke Airtel na Telkom muone Android OS imedema 2GB each. Na si kwa simu hii pekee. Na si mimi pekee

I wasn’t visible tht much lkn ni pao