Bullying in schools

For those who found themselves in this sad affair back in the days when you were in school lets share the experience. How was it for you and how did you overcome it.

Mine was a brief and nasty experience. Started on the first day when I checked into a high school in a remote part of Kisii. In the evening one form four student came into the dorm and sized us up. I was small in size so I bet he got a mindset that I was an easy target. On the second day I was selected to be the entertainer during the weekends and I was to come up with a new song every week. Since am not that creative I had nothing to sing about and as a punishment was made to literally recite the national anthem backwards. Being the awful me I could not do it and was beaten like nobody’s business, had to be admitted to hospital and that was the last time I ever set foot in that school.

I dont have mbisha but hope this will do for now.


And then the big guy wiped my tears. We ended in bed and I licked, we did the did. He came in my arse

Kuandikiwa kwa karatasi “SISOMI” alafu unaambiwa soma vile imeandikwa hapa




kwenu miwa ni kiboko? si afadhali mngesiaga “jius” mpikie chai

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Am willing to bet that 80% of people here, hiding behind their keyboards are guys who can be bullied or have been bullied in their lifetimes.
Very shy reserved people with made up names who pretend to be “heroes” in the real world.

So dont worry @Twangapepeta you aint the only one.:D:D:D Research shows that most people on online chat rooms are “weirdos” who prefer online forums to express themselves

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I see one up here

@trish am a wierdo , I cum when a girl urinates on me, I have 20 liters of water kwa nyumba come we have fun

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I aint one. I dont hide on my computer to tell a hekaya that I can comfortably deal with


haaiya, i didn’t say it was you:D:D:D:D:D:D

:D:D:Djust clarifying like that nyeri woman of “tutawakata wote”

Pole sana for that nasty experience.

can I lend you this one?


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Hope I could have got that offer then, I learned to fight for myself

Thanks dear

They know themselves nasijasema @Web Dev is one of them

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Since none of you here was bullied how about the bullies starting with @ol monk, the village virg*n

Kwani which boy wasnt bullied in form one? I dont know about girls. I mean it was like normal. It would be done to you and you would do it when you are a senior. The difference was that there were hilarious guys who would tell you to fetch them darkness from outside ina basin without insisting you do it or ask you stupid questions but would really do nothing harmful and they would even protect you from the real bully. Alafu there were the really bad ones who would make you their slaves and even beat you up. What chance does a thirteen or twelve year old have against a full grown nineteen year old. Siku hizi civility imeingia. The other problem was that highschool entry age has been declining with time so the third and fourth formers would be much older than the monos.
There were terms like “mono ya james”, “mono ya peter” depending on who was your guardian.

Just thinking aloud … “mono ya waweru”

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Kuambiwa ulete gizq kwa kikombe lunch time.

I was told to draw Jesus and Satan fighting… Ama nichore Mandazi ikiliwa na utamu wake.