Bulldozer Track Road Grader




Im so confused right about now. Hot water engineer unasema hii ni ya kutengeneza farafara? Inavurutwa na massey ferguson ama?


Simple and effective. Thinking outside the box.




Imagine how many rural roads and footpaths can be upgraded by just this device and a Tractor with KES: 3000 worth of Diesel Fuel …???

( … while we wait for the Hustler Ministry of Roads and Infrastructure to get into gear …:D:D:D…)

Sasa hii itasaidia tu jama wa isiolo mandera na huko Turkana. HIi ukileta apa Rift Valley hapana mvua iko mingi

True. Complex issues kama siptali wachia sirkal. Simple things like these, people can do for themselves. The improvement in quality of rural life is going to be enormous compared to the investment required.

Na compactor je?

Miguu ya Watu , Ngombe na Wheelbarrows…:D:D:D