Bull running:the real adrenaline sport

When it comes to high adrenaline sports nothing beats bull running/fighting and not the kind of bull vs bull, but bull vs human.We should organize one of these.I can’t imagine the excitement one feels when you see the bull charging at you.


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…wachana nayo, na ukidungwa matako?. sigwess na sigwess, hata na dawa:(


iko jamaa amedungwa hapo akatoka na maumivu kibao…

Huyo ni dame anadungwa mkia :smiley: :smiley:

The one in spain is known world over hata some high adrenaline chasing jungus participate in it rakes in many tourists every year i have forgotten its name what baffles me is that these runners spend the whole night drinking while teasing and irritating the bulls then they are realesed in the streets the following morning mind you the streets are one way with no exits ! No thank you let imei watch his gunners play…